Checo Pérez has taken a surprise with the pace of Stroll

"It's closer to mine than the Hulkenberg or Ocon", recognizes the Mexican driver, optimistic with Racing Point in the middle zone of the grid.

Sergio Pérez enjoys in such a tight middle zone because it is the drivers who have to make a difference to enter Q3 or stay in Q1. "There are fantastic drivers in the middle zone, it's a very competitive level and you have to do perfect laps to put the car where it has to be, if you do not risk losing two or three positions on the grid," says the Mexican in Bahrain, where he will look for his first points of the year this weekend.

Our single-seater, the Racing Point RP19, is like McLaren, Alfa Romeo, Renault or Toro Rosso, one step behind the big three and Haas and without superiority or inferiority compared to rest. "In the past there were teams suffering a lot, as was the case with Sauber, but now only Williams is behind and all the teams have some stability, although it has only been six months since Lawrence joined the team, we will continue to improve." For now, the problems are in the traction and low speeds, which can be a drawback in a circuit of strong braking followed by long straights as Sakhir.

The team emerges from the ashes of Force India, in fact the sports structure is keeps intact, with the aim of fighting for fourth place in constructors. "It's nice to look back, from the situation that we lived last summer to what we have become now, it was a very stressful period and to continue together means a lot to everyone, you can not see a performance jump from one week to the next. a long season and we can finish fourth among the constructors, we have done it before ", says the Mexican pilot, 29 years.

Your new partner, Lance Stroll, is the son of one of the main partners that has contributed Canadian capital to the team. In his first race he climbed seven positions to finish in the points, although Checo recognizes this means that it is not at all a surprise: "The surprise we already took when we met him and saw his speed, but the Australian race was not It is, and it shows how difficult it is to prejudge someone and the relationship between your performances and the performance of your car He has the speed and the talent, he works hard and he will be adding points constantly, and that's good for the team because to finish fourth in the championship you need two pilots adding in. He took the maximum out of the car along with the team and the strategy and that's what we need ".

In fact, he recognizes that his race pace can be better than the from his previous teammates, Hulkenberg and Ocon: "It's a mixture of both, I think somehow, Stephen and Nico were similar and they always suffered with the race pace, maybe it was the management of the tires. With Lance, his race pace is the closest to mine of all the teammates I've had and in qualifying he also meets. On Sundays it's very good, and that surprised me because maybe in long runs it was easier for me against my other teammates, but now we have a great driver for Sundays. "

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