Blow at the table of the Warriors in Houston and without Durant

The champions took their best version against a team that had nine wins in a row. Cousins scoring record (27)

The Golden State Warriors finally won the Houston Rockets after their three losses in the regular season. And they did it in a key moment, because their rival arrived thrown, with nine consecutive victories and willing to reduce the distance between both to less than three parties. To all this they added the doubts that they were leaving themselves, with six defeats in the last ten meetings. And to top it off, they were not going to count on Kevin Durant.

Ant all these adversities appeared the champion team, that is the only one of the League able to win at any time and anywhere any opponent, regardless of the context in which arrive They did it especially in a first and third devastating quarter. In the initial one it was time for Stephen Curry, who scored 13 of his 24 points. To this he added 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals. Without being a great match for its part, the base recalled a little more to its best days than the one that had been playing lately.

The Rockets, however, recovered from the blow (23-33 in the first 12 minutes) and reduced the disadvantage to only 2 in the rest, thanks mainly to a James Harden that began to carburize in the second partial. The guard signed 29 points, 3 rebounds, 10 assists and 3 steals with a horrendous 2/12 in triples. But until then the Rockets were worth to be in the game.

Then came one of the famous third quarters of the Warriors. On the back of a DeMarcus Cousins determinant, who had already signed a good first half and would continue to a great level until the end, the visitors came ahead of the last quarter, a period in which they reached an advantage of almost 15 points. The pivot achieved his record of scoring with the Californian franchise (27 points, with 8 rebounds and 7 assists), and his team was clearly better with him in court. They played slower (a pace of 91.9 by 99.5 if he did), but that translated into a better performance: +13.4 with him on track in the difference between offensive and defensive efficiency, -1.7 without he.

Together with Cousins, Klay Thompson was the other great protagonist. The escort has been pulling for a long time as we have been accustomed for years and his team notices. Yesterday he made a 12/23 in field goals and a 5/10 in triples. He finished with 30 points and 6 rebounds and his 5 shots of three made him the second player in history to achieve seven consecutive seasons with 200 triples. The other, of course, is Stephen Curry. Both have done it in the last seven courses.

The Rockets, even with everything, did not give their arm to twist and in a race against the clock in the last three minutes came to get two points away with ten seconds left. To be in that situation Chris Paul was put in star plan (24 + 6 + 3) . Harden missed the second free throw to put his own and the long rebound fell into the hands of Curry, who did not allow him to play more. Very important victory for the Warriors, who, just like they did recently with the Nuggets, remember that whoever wants to win the ring will have to go over them.

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