Alonso, pole and record, in the darkness of Sebring

The Spaniard gets the best time and together with Nakajima give the first place to the Toyota number 8 ahead of the 7 in his challenge to strengthen the leadership of the WEC.

Night closed Total darkness. 22:16 hours when Fernando Alonso throws his first qualifying lap with the Toyota number 8. One minute, forty seconds and 124 thousandths later he finishes it with no more light than his car on a track in darkness and is put first with almost a second of advantage over the other Japanese car with Mike Conway at the controls. Bate the circuit record. Impress once again the Asturian genius. In the third place the number 3, the Rebellion of Laurent. It is the first attempt, there is still a lot, but the turn of the Spanish has been espectacular on a track full of potholes and with cracked asphalt in which nothing is seen, there are other tracks illuminated at various points or in full, in Sebring no. Nothing. Barely. Total risk at night.

It is turno of Nakajima, the Japanese driver who shares a car with Alonso. Also on track , although somewhat slower than the Asturian, four tenths worse, but together they put a great mixed time of reference at the top. In the other car the Argentine Pechito López that improves his British teammate, but cann't with Fernando and stay in the mix of the two times to more than half a second of the Toyota eight that will start in first position in the 1000 Miles of Sebring.

While in the LMGTE Pro the two Spaniards are fifth and sixth respectively with Antonio García and his Corvette ahead of Miguel Molina with the Ferrari. But ... in the same moment in which the Formula 1 World Championship in Australia is starting with the first free, in a place in the United States, Alonso returns to offer a talent show. Oh ... (sighs) .

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