Alonso: "I'm not ready to make mistakes, just to win"

The Spaniard flew on the night of Sebring, but believes he could have improved his lap: "Normally I have better performance at night."

"I am not prepared to make mistakes, just to win". With that phrase that could be in a book of maxims of famous athletes Fernando Alonso fired in a improvised press wheel in the circuit of Sebring. Just do the pole and have time for the joke. The night. She asks him why he is doing so well at night and ... "The truth is that I have, normally better night services". And there he is interrupted by the laughter, his and those around him. "I already knew that ... there was person who was going to make the gesture," he says while looking at this special post from As. It's been many years ... Then he regains his pulse. "Going well at night has been the tonic in Le Mans at night we revived the posibilidades of winning, in Daytona the two times I participated where we better went and here in the tests too, it seems that heating tires is usually key and night the low ground temperature go pretty fast, "he says. His riding style heats the tires, has more grip and flies.

Before all that had marked a record lap in a circuit full of potholes and scuridad as a companion. How Fernando? "Hehe, maybe because of the little pressure we had, the car eight we prepared a lot nd long with a lot of fuel throughout the weekend and the time we took to enjoy and see how the car goes without gasoline and tires new, but look sometimes when you calm down a little and conduces to 98% you do better times than 100% when sometimes you go over the possibilities of the car, "he declared.

But he thinks he could have done a better lap. "Yes, I could because in the FP3 I was rolling in 1:44 or 1: 45 with the full tank and used tires and with the heat and suddenly the night comes, they change all the references, the vision and you go four or five seconds more quick that your last lap in the car is difficult to extract the maximum to the car.I had a second I thought I was going to lose some tenth, but I went long in turn 12 despite having the references and I could not improve, so I thought it was a good lap and when I got out I saw that I had a good lead with Conway because Nakajima just had to do a normal lap, "he says.


In any case Alonso knows that the race has not even started, so the pole well, but ... "Let's see, I'm happy, but always the pole in the Resistance races count just because in eight hours we changed positions 23 times in the race, but it's u n point that gives for the championship that then at the end of the year it is not known if it will work or not and we all entered the pole to make the best lap you can, hoy went well, the car was very good and then Nakajima completed the work of impeccable because he only had to do a lap without many mistakes and made the best middle sector, so slowly it was not at any time, "said


Although hopes to go better in the race. Why? "The car seven concentrated from the February test in a very fast lap and we more in the race so I thought we were going to have more difficulties, but it went well and face to race we will see why we have had different configurations in the car with more or less temperature, it is expected a hot day and in the first hours of race I have more respect that we have some problem but when the track cools and arrives at night we usually gain speed as we have seen now and as 60% of the race is with cold and at night because I am confident, "sentenced.

Y finalizaba with a desire that there are at least dos Spaniards at the top in Sebring and is that Antonio Garcia was the fastest in LMGT Pro, although the combinado left him more . "It was a good day and in the race we have chances to get on the podium all and hopefully in the highest drawer, but it is a long race ahead, especially for traffic, there has been a red flag up in the GT chrono , so it is assumed that there will be security cars and things and we must be careful because being in one part of the circuit or another can benefit or harm, so I hope a bit of luck too, "closed the Astur, the Asturian genius of the night.

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