1X1 Villarreal: Andres aborts the scare and Gerard finishes

Fornals already has another tone, Iborra monopolizes many more functions and Gerard returns to coordinate his lashes. Three of the five goals in the second round were his.

Andrés Fernández: Of the best of the team, he saved his people from having doubts and suffering, from not having complicated Azmoun in two clear hands and with the match matched, the thing would not have been so placid.

Mario: Good match from the side; very safe behind and with projection. Without being his best season, it is important that he recovers and grows.

Álvaro: Serious match of the center, in line with his last games. In the first part with his teammates did not fit well in the two plays of danger of the Russians, but was rectified.

Funes Mori: From less to more. He suffered with Azmoun in a play in which he must have been more expeditious. He finished well and with more control of the game and, of the Iranian striker.

Víctor Ruiz: As the rest of the defense went from less to more. After allowing those two arrivals of Azmoun alone, the team and the defensive line adjusted and already controlled better. Ruiz always gave an exit for his team.

Costa: Good match for the side, who had not been playing for a while and that adds two good games in a row. Always willful and eager to reach the rival area. He could score a great goal, but his shot went to the square.

Iborra: He played as a pivot and the man who should be the reference at the time of taking the game from behind. He continues in his period of entering the rhythm of the team, and each match is another step for him. Always offered.

Cáseres: Volunteer, but unfortunate in the pass. An error of his generated one of the clearest options for the rival. Must have more tranquility and clarity at the time of taking the ball, you can not lose the ball in danger areas.

Fornals: Better than in other days. He always asked for it and generated arrivals. You may need to have one more point of success in the last pass. Things do not work out, but it's better and that's good news.

Bacca: One goal and one goal assist. As always the Colombian is a danger and certified in the pass to Gerard Moreno and his header goal. Good news for the team that Bacca follows in that line.

Gerard: He woke up a week ago in Russia, and certified him with a good goal at the Ceramics Stadium. a It is added the goal assist to Carlos Bacca. Villarreal needs Gerard Moreno, and these games should serve to recover it.

Morlanes: He left to control and temporize and he did. Always offers and always decides well.

Cazorla: He left for the team to have the ball and that he did.

Miguelón: Little time. Volunteering.

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