1x1 Valencia: A flash of Guedes gives value to the collective

Valencia come out alive from Krasnodar with a miraculous appearance of Portuguese in the last breath and will be in the quarterfinals.

Neto: Despite Krasnodar's feeling of danger, at the start of the game, he barely had to intervene in the whole first half. Of course, there was a play, with his feet, that he wanted to like, and it was about to cost his team a dislike. However, in the first action of the second part had to intervene in two free kicks Pereyra. He could not do anything in the goal of Pereyra.

Wass: He pulled, in the 8 ', a shot by Wanderson, from inside the area, which smelled like gol.Se fajó in defensive work, keeping the position well. In the absence of Parejo, he took charge of the stopped ball although he did not connect too much with the forwards. In the second part, a ride of his ended with a great pass to Cheryshev who did not know how to connect to the network.

Paulista: Sign in the central zone of the rear. He marked the line and took out everything that happened around him. He had the 0-1, in a corner, but his header went out narrowly. He grew up in the second half and dried Claesson. In the end, also nodded above the door of Safonov.

Diakhaby: Ari complicated the thing at the beginning although the Brazilian was not too much in the field. He was confident in the cut and in the exit of the ball, something unusual in him. In the second half, well placed, he cut off what he got.

Gayà: He understood from the beginning that it was a game of rolling up his sleeves and trying to get Wanderson, one of the most dangerous, to intervene as little as possible. Even so, there was a direct duel that he solved as he could. In the goal, he could not overpower Suleymanov enough to bother him.

Carlos Soler: Something unassisted in the right wing. Intervened little although the best chance of Valencia, in the first half, was in his boots. Topped forced, from inside the area, in 32 ', and Safonov saved the 0-1. In the second part he was overtaken by Ramirez and had to resort to some fault that gave life to the Russians. However, in attack he also sought the Ecuadorian tickle and created danger for his band.

Coquelin: He started outdated. Olson and Pereyra were looking for space behind him and from there they created danger. Marcelino corrected him and closed the bleeding halfway through the first half. He took a golden ball from Olson when he was about to shoot Neto. In the second part, it was necessary to catch more gallons.

Kondogbia: He knew that, in the absence of Parejo, he should be the leader in midfield. From the beginning he tried to take command and manage the game. He wanted to pause the game when the Krasnodar was hotter, in his attacks. However, he lost some extra ball that ruled the Valencian game.

Cheryshev: The Russian played at home but it cost him to enter the game. However, the brightest action of the first half was his. Jugadón by left band that finished in center to the area and Carlos Soler was with Safonov. Good ride with a pass to Rodrigo, who could have been 0-1. Then, he had it again, after Wass pass but did not connect the ball.

Sobrino: It was the surprise in the eleven and did not clash. He fought and oxygenated his team keeping the ball up in the first half. He needed to connect something else with Santi Mina. In the second half, he barely intervened.

Santi Mina: He played with the Russian center-backs, in the melee, and he emerged victorious on more than one occasion despite his physical disadvantage. One of those fights, was made with a ball in 37 'and took a shot that licked the post of Safonov's door. He left exhausted, after a hard fight, with all the Krasnodar behind.


Rodrigo: As soon as he left he had it but, too cold, he sent it up. It was the only thing that the Spanish-Brazilian did during the minutes he played.

Guedes: He left front, waiting to catch one. He had not touched it until in '93, when he controlled the area, calmly and sent it to the side of Safonov's goal. The Valencia wins a strut for the final part of season.

Gameiro: He left to try to score the 1-1, desperately. He did not score but made a play on the right wing, beat his peer, and gave it to Guedes to make the pass to the quarterfinals of Valencia.

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