1x1 of Alavés: three points to sign the salvation.

Calleri, twice, and Guidetti, scored the three goals of the Basque side to overcome by 1-3 to Huesca.

PACHECO. He had some hesitation in a couple of starts but solved without problems most of the attacking plays of Huesca. He played the 100th game with the Alavés shirt. Then he went with Diéguez to Madrid with permission from the club. The vitorianos will release some days like prize. XIMO NAVARRO. He enjoyed a very clear opportunity in the first half but Santamaría took the shot at point-blank range. Then he made a penalty for a hand involuntarily. He has had better matches. The normal thing is that before the Athletic of Madrid returns to play of power station. LAGUARDIA. Imperial again, forceful in defense and creating occasions when his team took corners and fouls. He saw a yellow but was not one of the five players ready for what he will play against the team of Cholo Simeone. MARIPAN. Well in defense, with anticipation in the back and very powerful in the air game. He caused the fifth yellow for a loss of time because he will hardly be able to train with the team because of the commitments of the Chilean national team. Abelardo had no plans to put him against the mattress for it. MARTÍN AGUIRREGABIRIA. He played well on the left wing despite playing on foot changed. On occasion he joined the plays in attack. He had been touched for a while but came back with a good foot in front of Duarte's injury. He won the game to Vigaray and Adrián Marín. The latter did not even travel. PINA. Thermometer in the medulla. The vertical game of Alavés sometimes takes away protagonism in the games but is always well placed and takes the balls with criteria. He also saw yellow cardboard but he was not ready. BRASANAC. He celebrated his paternity this week with a good match. Sometimes their work is a bit dark but it helps a lot in the average. On numerous occasions it also adds to the attack moves. It was emptied and it was substituted propitiating the entrance in the field of Manu García. JONY. Better in attack than in defense. It's shameless, it's a challenge and it's very good passes. Is responsible for throwing all corner kicks and fouls. In defense sometimes he relaxes a little and Abelardo usually reminds him as soon as he does not go down with the speed that Pitu wants. INUI. Party more discreet than in other weeks. He had some gesture of genius but barely enjoyed chances to finish the goal. He strives to help in defensive work and has entered the team with a good footing. There are a couple of Japanese journalists who accompany him even on the move. BORJA BASTÓN. Bustling and hardworking but with little fortune facing the goal. He scored one but he was canceled out of play and finished another one on the plate that went a little high. He ended up being replaced by Guidetti. CALLERI. It did not mark from the party of Anoeta in December of 2018. In Huesca it made two goals, one of penalti and another of play after a superb control. Involved in the game but he needed to get some target. GUIDETTI. He was reunited with the goal after a long time. It was a way of claiming that not even the Swedish national team has agreed to convene for the next matches. Good shot in the far post in a play of local permissiveness. Goal and celebration in style. MANU GARCÍA. He went out on the field to shore up the spinal cord and fought with the face marker. He gave rest to Brasanac. It is losing prominence in the last games by playing with 4-4-2 and see that Darko usually accompanies Pina in the starting lineup. WAKASO. He jumped into the field for Jony and was dedicated to printing intensity to the game. He was the author of assistance to Calleri in the final 1-3. Few minutes in the field but a lot of prominence in the game the time it was on the lawn.

Photos from as.com

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