1x1 from Madrid: Solari's discards shine with Zidane

Isco and Bale scored the goals of Madrid, Marcelo added another assistance and green shoots of Asensio. Keylor returned to the eleven and showed off with a paradon.

Keylor. He regained his title in the league with the return of Zidane and did not fail the Frenchman. The tico took a saving hand in the 15th minute after a terrific header from the Celta striker. He won the stadium ovation. Very concentrated all the meeting. He left the goal clean again at Madrid ...

Odriozola. Very energetic, as usual. He played more extreme than side and that likes white fans. He hung several dangerous balls to the area, but without finding a goalkeeper. Carvajal has here a natural replacement of guarantees and Zidane, who until now did not know him, also knows it.

Varane. Almost the entire match was communicated with Zidane. He knows that if Militao arrives in the summer it is to put pressure on the until now comfortable Madrid central. He played against Celta a very serious game. Without much demand, but very solvent in all the plays.

Ramos. Without much work on defense and very important in the departure of the white team's ball. In the 35 ', the one of Beds returned to remove the striker that takes inside. He narrowly escaped a perfect header after a ball from Kroos from the corner. His party is not remarkable and that, in a central, should always be good news.

Marcelo. Of the best of Madrid in attack. Each time he received the ball on his left wing he created danger. In the first time up to three times. Already in the 5 'put a good center to the area that took out fists the celestial goalkeeper. Shortly after, he put Isco to the ball, who slipped and did not score. And in the 35 'I look for the squad with a crossed shot that raised to half stadium of its seats. His great match also found the icing on the cake. In the 76 'started as he only knows and attended Bale, who marked with the right hand. Reguilón has competition until the end of season.

Kroos. He does not like it, but the German was again the 5 of Madrid without Casemiro, sanctioned. And that position did not weigh him. All the plays of Madrid passed through Kroos. It was again the Kroos that is not wrong in any pass. With the entry of Valverde did not move from his post, that of Casemiro in other appointments. Worker in defense, something that missed him in the tragic week of the club.

Modric. The Croatian did not take off from Kroos for a single second. It filtered very good balls, but it was not very incisive in attack. Of course, everything was left on the lawn. Luka was everywhere and his players were always looking for him. He was denied a goal in the 56th minute by an offside by Varane, who, according to the VAR, interferes in the play. He left the field in the 76 'and his fans dismissed him with applause.

Isco. Another one who recovers with Zidane a position in the eleven. And in the case of Isco, up to a gap in the call. He was eager to prove that he still has a lot to say in the field. So it was. In the 62nd minute he opened the can after pushing a goal past Benzema's death in the small area. And he scored his goal when the change was ready. After the celebration, Isco left the field with an important ovation of the Bernabéu. Isco melted into a hug with Zidane.

Bale. He started stuck to the left, where he was seen very participative and associative. His first minutes reflected the desire of a footballer who knows that in summer he could leave the team. His best move came in the 67th minute. He left half Celta and when he just needed to finish, he slipped and could not connect the leather well. Little had to wait to join the party. In the 77 ', he took a ball in the area and beat the Celta goalkeeper. He celebrated with anger.

Asensio. The Mallorcan broke the game when more off was seen to Madrid. In 62 'started from the right, where he likes, a move from Maradona that led him to leave Benzema alone. The Frenchman put the ball back and Isco finished off a beautiful play by the best Asensio. After the goal he began to gallop without brake on the right. And the Bernabéu so happy, he sees how one of his future possible stars starts to rediscover himself.

Benzema. The forward who plays the most in Europe. And if Zidane were, he would also play the other games at the start. The Frenchman is fine and although he was not lucky facing the door, he was once again one of the leaders of the white attack. In the 62nd, he assisted Isco, who broke the 0-0 score. In the 81 ', the best Real Madrid player left the field amid applause.

Ceballos. He entered the field in the 63 'and was placed where Isco, hooking between the center of the field and the front. He had his goal in '74, but he fell asleep and they ate his toast in the Celta area.

Valverde. He jumped to the clawn at 76 'by Modric. Next to Ceballos and ahead of Kroos.

Mariano. He entered the 81 'for Benzema. Peleón as always found no chance to see a goal.

Photos from as.com

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