1x1 Celta: Lobotka and Brais did not find partners

They had all the clarity and quality with the ball that Sisto and Boufal missed. Juncà broke at the beginning. Impeccable Coasts as lateral.

Rubén: Avoided a more bulky result with several merit interventions. He could not do anything in the goals. He was very precise in several long sends encouraging kickbacks. He wore for the first time the captain's armband.

Kevin: A Jabato. In his second match as a starter in Primera he played from minute 2 on the left side, a position he is not used to. Despite taking a potpourri of blows (including a nudge from Bale who inexplicably did not see the red) and play the last half hour with cramps, the youth squad fought each ball with maximum intensity.

Araujo: His slip on the second goal He blurred his match. Until that play had been correct, except in a set piece action in the first part in which he left Sergio Ramos free of the mark. Blunt in the rest of the balls that Real Madrid hung to the area.

Costas: Impeccable as lateral. He had to adapt to the band after Juncà's injury. First it was placed on the left and quickly passed on the right. Endured the attempts to overflow Asensio and Bale. He measured very well every time he went to the ground.

Juncà: He broke on the first ball he touched, at minute 2. He suffers a fibrillar break in the right medium adductor and will be off for at least three weeks.

Lobotka: He was reunited with himself at the Santiago Bernabéu. The change of Escribá's system, playing 1-4-1-4-1, allowed him to act alone ahead of the defense and was more comfortable than with the double pivot. Very effective in the pass, in more than one occasion he started driving and broke lines.

Okay: Unlike Lobotka, he was not at ease with the new drawing. He limited himself to doing recovery work as an interior. He hardly came into contact with the ball. It was the third change of Escribá.

Brais Méndez: One of his best games in recent months. He always played it first and with precision. His quality at the start of the plays did not find continuity in his teammates. Acting in the indoor position, as he did in this game, brings more to the team than starting from the band.

Sisto: Erratic. He did not take advantage of the opportunity that Escribá granted him to play 90 minutes. Neither overflowed nor was successful in the counterattacks. In defense he lacks aggressiveness.

Boufal: He gave away the 1-0 with an unnecessary loss. Minutes before, in a very clear against Celta, he did not know what to do in a situation of numerical superiority near the area. Escribá ended up very angry with him. He had a good chance in a shot that Keylor Navas saved with 0-0.

Maxi Gómez: More toned than in the last matches, but his drought continues. He had the 0-1 in a good header to which Navas reacted with a stratospheric stop. Minutes later, he signed a great header on the occasion that Boufal could not resolve. In the second part he did not get a single ball in conditions.

Hoedt (entered by Juncà): Very serious. He was immediately connected to the game despite having left unheated by Juncà's injury. Sure to cut, did not resign at any time to leave playing.

Beltrán (entered by Okay): His teammates had already thrown in the towel when he jumped onto the field. He could not change the dynamics of the encounter.

Hjulsager (entered by Boufal): As willful as it is sterile. Although he stepped on the pitch at the Bernabéu with 1-0, the match had already become a formality. It made him want, but he did not get anything clean.

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