1x1 Athletic: Yeray, Dani García and Córdoba, fundamental

The center was superb to hold Morata and Diego Costa together with Nunez, Zumarraga's midfielder grabbed the midfield and left-handed was the revulsive to unlock the crash.

Herrerín: He did not have much work. He cut a ball down to Diego Costa, took several fists out and showed off with a distant shot from Thomas very hard that he resolved by clearing the leather.

De Marcos: He was more aware of saving the cave than of progressing through his band. He understood well with Ibai Gómez.

Yeray: Brutal Barakaldo's center, who in the only mole he had received a yellow card in a run-in with Diego Costa that will prevent him from being in the game against Girona. The rest, impeccable in the courts, with force in the disputes and coming out with the ball played. He held Morata and Costa in the company of Unai Núñez.

Unai Núñez: Reappeared by the sanction of Iñigo Martínez. He kept the guy without complicating his life. Intelligent and sober in the central axis. A head-worn ball almost costs a disgust in own door.

Berchiche: It went from less to more. He fought like a jab before his pair and released a couple of passes from the bottom line looking for auctioneer. One of them almost seduced him. Ibai Gómez.

Dani García: Great match for the pivot of Zumarraga. He maintained the site, grabbed the cord and put a cable to the centrals. He cut a couple of very dangerous balls between the lines.

San José: Labor dark that of the Navarrese. They claimed a possible Morata penalty. In an assist to Muniain almost marks the leading playmaker.

Raúl García: Less bright than in the previous games left the relay scorer to the strikers. He percussed a lot and protested to the referee. He saw yellow card.

Muniain: The international almost scored in the lead after a pass from San Jose, claimed a penalty after a contact with Juanfran and tried, but without excessive luck always very guarded by the colchoneros.

Ibai Gómez: It was the most active of the first part, trying to enter and surpass Saúl Ñíguez, who acted as an improvised left-back at Atlético for casualties. Already in minute three he finished crossed before Oblak. He left flashes of his quality, with a heel and some pirouette with the ball.

Williams: He hit several runs mark of the house, scored his eighth goal in the League to pass Córdoba and ended up busted by the effort. He finished high in the minute 82 after new assistance from Córdoba.


Córdoba: Revolutionized the game since his entry with assistance to Williams in the first goal. He was very active stretching the left wing of the attack rojiblanco.

Kodro: Nothing else left marked with the collaboration of Giménez in whom he touched his shot enough to confuse Oblak.

Lekue: He left to lose time after a crash course by two injuries that have prevented him from debuting until this stake.

Photos from as.com

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