The supporters of Atlético ask for the withdrawal of the Courtois plate

The fans already showed their discomfort with the Belgian during the game against Real Madrid and then, after the gesture he had when leaving the field, has launched this initiative.

The past derby against Real Madrid leaves sequels also between the fans of Atletico, annoyed with Courtois for the ugly gesture that the keeper had when leaving to the dressing room at the conclusion of the game. A Atlético fan has requested, through, the withdrawal of the badge that the Belgian goalkeeper has on the Paseo de Leyendas of the rojiblanco club on the outskirts of the Metropolitan Wanda. A this proposal is now joined by the International Union of Peñas del Atletico, a collective that brings together and represents a number of associations of Atlético.

La Union de Peñas has issued a tweet in which supports and joins this initiative. "We joined the proposal for the withdrawal of the player's plate Courtois for the lack of respect for the fans of Atletico.The plaques are for legends of the club that represent values of the club and his fans.This player with his attitude does not deserve ", says the statement of the International Union of Peñas.

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