The right, a deliberate hole

Rayo Vallecano created several chances for that side, an asymmetry of Espanyol, with Sergio Garcia and Melendo covering the center and leaving Rosales free.

From minute 4 to 10 of Saturday's game, Rayo Vallecano had three goal chances that came from his left side, or what is the same, the right of Espanyol, defended by Roberto Rosales. In all these actions, the Madrid team deactivates the blue and white pressure and finds the Venezuelan unprotected, who is not capable of defending the visiting superiority. A the four minutes, Raúl de Tomás finishes off the hands of Diego López a poisoned center, at 8 minutes, Álvaro García picks up a ball between Rosales and David López, while Álex Moreno and Álvaro manufacture, at 10 ', a occasion that ends with a shot to the stick.

In this asymmetric Espanyol, the right side is unprotected in an intentional way, and defensively the team pays it. Sergio Garcia focused his position to cover the output of the central, while Óscar Melendo focused so much his position that Rosales was too exposed. El Rayo took advantage, as other teams had done previously. After the imbalance, Rosales advanced his position and David Lopez covered the area. The Lightning did less damage.

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