The Knicks announce their subscriber campaign ... with Durant

Kevin Durant could go to the Knicks in the summer. The NY franchise has wanted to sneak into the subscriber campaign.

Despite that Durant already ruled out talking about his future, facing journalists who asked him for his continuity in the Warriors, especulación continues.

The last one is on the side of one of the equipment that is presumably destined si if KD decides not to renew its contract with the current champions: Knicks.

The New York franchise has published an request in which they ask fans that they have payment that renew their commitment with them next season. They do it with a match image between the Knicks and the Warriors in which they appear Mitchell Robinson and ... Kevin Durant.

Durant will be free agent next summer and it has been repeating for months that he will not forgive a dollar in the next agreement , something that is not as easy in the Warriors as in other teams with margin like the Knicks.

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