The Federation Cup suffers the same evil

The absences of Garbiñe Muguruza and Carla Suárez are a reflection of the illness that hit Davis. A tournament by countries bothers individual interests.

The weekend we had Federation Cup , the female Davis. España had to fly to Japan in its first crossing of Group II, with the objective of the ascent in the peephole. A too long trip, from which the first two Spanish rackets were erased without excuse of force majeure: Garbiñe Muguruza and Carla Suárez. There was a time next in which the RFET dreamed of winning the Fed Cup with them. We are now in Second Division. This Tuesday the draw for the next round was held, which brought a duel in Belgium. As it is closer and there will be a promotion in the field, it is presumable that both will return to the team. We'll see. His absences are a reflection of the same evil that hit the men's circuit with Davis Cup. A competition for countries in full course is annoying for the individual interests of tennis players.

The good side of these casualties is that they allow you to discover new players. It reminded me a bit of the Windows FIBA. If in basketball we have learned to value Brizuela or Jaime Fernández, in the Copa Federación we have discovered Georgina García, which lived up to its apodo de Huracán and led the conquest of the three points that gave the pass to Spain. That is the nice part, but it was close to the elimination, it is not convenient to forget it either. The company Kosmos, with Gerard Piqué at the helm, has come to solve the problem of the Davis with a final phase in a single location. In its future plans it is also to include the Fed Cup , as sick as that one, and a Junior World Cup. Although before it still has the arduous task of settling the men, who are like the dog of the gardener: neither eat, nor leave.

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