The fans of Alavés, in mourning and with a coffin before the Levante

The albiazul fans will make a new protest in Mendizorroza during the match against Levante (21:00) to complain about the games on Mondays.

An open war between fans of Alavés and Javier Tebas. It is not new since he was the lawyer of Piterman when the Ukrainian was about to bury the nearly centenary Vitoria club. He lost all the lawsuits in the Alava capital but, when going for the Mercantile, the businessman has no problem to step on Spanish soil and not be stopped. It seems almost discarded that he is incriminated by the Criminal but not 100%. Nor is there an international requirement to try to prevent it from going unpunished in the United States, where it currently resides.

With this background, LaLiga is systematically programming Alavés on Friday or on Monday. "Eternal hate for modern football" and "Televisions kill the football "are slogans that are continually carried out by the supporters clubs of Vitoria and, more specifically, Iraultza 1921, which is the most active. To tonight, against the Levant, a funeral will be officiated to dismiss the "classic and authentic" football, that takes place on weekends and not on Friday or Monday, as is the case.

The call is clear: the people will enter tonight at the Mendizorroza stadium at 21: 05, when the match is already underway. The stands will show the people dressed in black, in mourning. Then a funeral will be officiated with a coffin that will travel through the stands. Iraultza 1921 asks the members to point the beam of the mobile at the coffin so that you can see your tour of the stands and the funds.

Problemas, therefore, for television cameras, which will have to make a shot in which the stands are not visible. The day of Rayo Vallecano has already taken place with five minutes focusing on the side line of the opposing side. When 14,000 people entered at the same time, the shot varied and clearly focused on the rostrum in front to show the great atmosphere that is always present in the Vitoria stadium.

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