The agonizing victory of Breogán that puts the UCAM against the ropes

The block of Natxo Lezcano is imposed on a UCAM that adds nine consecutive losses in the ACB. Partidazo de Gerun: 20 points, 10 rebounds and 37 points.

El Cafés Candelas Breogán managed a runaway victory on Sunday, 77-73, before a UCAM Murcia, which greatly complicated their stay in the Endesa League. This result leaves the Galician team two victories over the relegation zone, marked by the Murcia team, which has nine consecutive losses in league competition and has not been able to straighten the course despite the recent change of coach. The UCAM Murcia took the match to their field from the beginning, proposing a physical and hard shock to which the Breogán was able to adapt thanks to the pride of players like Emir Sulejmanovic, the most outstanding of the locals in the first minutes. However, the advantage in the score in a first quarter locked and with constant interruptions was for the visitors, who managed to take off in the final stages thanks to the triple of Damjan Rudez and Brad Oleson. A basket of three on the horn of Alec Brown approached Breogán on the scoreboard at the close of the first quarter (16-21), although the Galician team was still uncomfortable with the game proposed by the Murcia team. The clairvoyance shown by Oleson in the visitor attack vanished with the departure of the American outside the field, which gave way to a partial evil in attack for a UCAM Murcia that came to accumulate about five minutes in a row without scoring. Luka Mitrovic took the team led by Sito Alonso out of this jam barely a minute to rest, although by then Breogán had already turned the score (33-29) led by the score of Salva Arco and Volodymir Gerun. A partial 0-7 put Murcia back on the scoreboard (33-34) after a triple by Sadiel Rojas, but Brown's reply from beyond the line of 6.75, again over time almost fulfilled, allowed the locals to go to the break two points up (36-34). The anarchic game of the first half continued during the second and both teams alternated merit actions with errors and improper improper selections of players of their category, while the duel continued tied: 50-47 with two minutes left until the end of the third quarter . Finally, the partial ended up closing with a slight advantage for the visitors (54-55) and with the swords in everything high to face the last quarter. This quarter started with controversy, since a good start of the Breogán served to put him ahead (60-57), mainly because of the work in Gerun's painting, which Natxo Lezkano decided to replace during these minutes, which caused a sound protest of the local public against this change and that was corrected immediately at the expense of Brown, the second top scorer breoganista. In this rarefied climate the UCAM grew to recover the lead in the scoreboard with five minutes to go (60-61). Visiting problems to close his defensive rebound allowed Breogán to take the lead again in the warm minutes thanks to the domination of an omnipresent Gerun, that put Lezkano's men three up just over three minutes to go (64 -61). Doyle and Booker returned to be the offensive reference of the UCAM Murcia in the final stretch of the match and maintained the match in the absence of minute and a half for the conclusion (68-68). A triple scored by Arco in the twilight of an injured local possession made the Breoganist tier jump and left all the pressure on the backs of the players of the Murcian team. Such pressure made the wrists of the visitors shrink and a running attack ended with a threesome on the Rudez horn that spat out the hoop. A basket in the post of Ovie Soko and a hurried triple Booker gave oxygen to a Murcia against the ropes, which did not end up defeated until again Gerun in the painting recovered a capture in attack, caused a foul and scored - between songs of "MVP" - the two free throws indicated to install the definitive marker with five seconds remaining (77-73) .

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