Sergio García apologizes for his attitude in Saudi Arabia

The golfer of Castellón apologized for the episodes he starred in Saudi International, when he was disqualified for kicking several 'greens' of the course.

Former Augusta Masters champion Sergio Garcia has apologized for his disqualification at Saudi International earlier this month and said he let his emotions overtake him.

García was disqualified when he intentionally damaged the 'greens' of the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club during the third day of the tournament.

"I apologize to my followers and my fellow competitors, what happened is not an example of what I want to show and it's not what I really am," said Garcia on Instagram .

"I am a very emotional player and although I think it is one of my best strengths, it is also one of my biggest faults. I am focused on working hard to channel those emotions correctly and to bring out the best in me , learn from it and move forward "

García will compete this week in the field of Genesis Open de L os Angeles.

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