Scott Auld, a British cyclist, says that a van launched him into a ravine in Spain

The British cyclist, who this season competes with the Ribble Pro Cycling, denounced in the middle Northern Eco having suffered a hit while training in Benidorm.

A Scott Auld will have a hard time forgetting the 2019 preseason he has made in Spain. The British cyclist Ribble ProCycling denounced in statements collected by the British media Northern Echo victim of a hit while training with a friend in the vicinity of Benidorm.

Auld explained in this way how the event occurred at the end of January and which is still recovering. "We were rolling side by side in a left-hand turn, at 50-55 km / h, a van was coming in the other direction , with one or two meters on our side of the road. clear as water, we brake and for a moment I thought 'we are lost', the second one went and the rear-view mirror collided with my friend's arm, it broke completely, and when I turned I cut my rear wheel and flew over my friend. I remember I was flying towards a signal and thinking, 'This is really going to hurt me.' I hit the signal and, being in Spain, where the hills are very big, I fell on my side and landed on rocks. "

Despite the impact of the Atropello, the first thought of Auld is to get back on a bicycle, while again asking for more prudence and respect for drivers with cyclists on the road. "What bothers me the most is the view, I can not see anything, my arm is in a cast but it does not hurt, on Tuesday I want to walk a bit, I will go little by little but I want to train again as soon as possible, I do not want to lose More time for a stupid accident like this People see us as cyclists but we are more than that I have family God did not want it to be worse because my family would have run out of me Drivers sometimes do not see it.

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