'Hurricane Georgi' puts Spain in the promotion playoff

Georgina Garcia beat Hibino (6-3, 1-6, 6-1) and tied the tie against Japan after Soler's loss to Nara (7-6 (3), 6-4). Then he finished with Martinez in the doubles (6-1 and 6-3).

España had remained on the edge of the precipice, to a defeat of losing the first round eliminator of the World Group II of the Federation Cup against Japan and, therefore, of having to fight for the permanence. In the second day, Silvia Soler Espinosa (31 years old and 190th in the world) played in place of Sara Sorribes, down by a metatarsalgia in one foot, and could not with the rocky Kurumi Nara (27 and 156th), which in turn replaced the number two Nippon, Misaki Doi: 7-6 (3) and 6-4 in 1h: 51. But then, Georgina García Pérez (26th and 161st), the great bet of Captain Anabel Medina, came back to the rescue of the National Team, as she did on the Saturday after the initial tripping of Sorribes. Then she won Doi and this Sunday did the same with Nao Hibino, whom he fused in three hard sets with a misleading marker: 6-3, 1-6 and 6-1 in 1h: 43. Then he finished in the doubles to get the National Team in the playoff of promotion to the World Group. She did it, and not Aliona Bolsova (she will have her chance), in a big way and with authority, together with Super Mami, the nom de guerre chosen for the occasion by María José Martínez: the best server and the best player in pairs of Spain (16th of the WTA ranking) both above 1.75, a wall that worked like a charm against Kato and Ninomiya in the least-contested game of the weekend: 6-1 and 6-3 in 68 minutes. Next Tuesday will be held the draw for the games that will be played on April 20 and 21, in search of a position in the elite.

Soler, possessing a natural blow of tremendous drive, started at full speed, with three games in white won with his service and a break with the put with 4-2. But everything changed after the ilicitana lost three breakage balls to place the 5-2. Nara came upstairs animated by her countrymen at the Sogo Gymnastic Hall in Kita-Kyushu. From his scarce 155 centimeters of height and with a tactful as cunning as tedious of high balls upside down of his rival, he gained ground on the track and gradually undermined the tenacity of the Spanish, who lost six times his serves from that inflection point. He squeezed the rest and that gave him to force the tiebreaker. But in that luck failed several hits and the game was uphill. The problems with the service continued for Silvia before a rocky opponent who returned everything and attacked with a more than remarkable setback. With 3-1 against, the disciple of the Brazilian Medina rallied to put the 4-3 in his favor, but until there came his push. Nara returned to sign a break, took to win the game and did not fail.

Georgina 'Superstar' had to return the chestnuts from the fire to Spain. And he did it with joy in his departure and with a brave game supported on his serve, more typical of the men's circuit. Without as many aces as the previous day (4), but with effectiveness and a defensive game that shows that it is not only a gunboat, Garcia took the first set with a single break at the right time. It seemed thrown, but Hibino, with a game almost identical to his compatriots (good setback, solidity from the bottom of the track ...), reacted to fully dominate the second set. With 5-1 against, Georgi did not need to spend his strength in an impossible comeback. Those that began to waver were those of the Japanese, who began to give clear feeling of fatigue after a few long exchanges tales. The Barcelona placed a 4-0 demolition in the third set and rode to the victory with enthusiasm, before the smiles, admiration and applause of Medina and the rest of the members of the national expedition. Garcia was three years retired and went back. The team thanked him now.

The job had to be finished in the doubles and the decisive point turned out to be the one that had the least history. Hurricane and Super Mami passed over Kato and Ninomiya, who helped with several inopportune double faults in the first games. The power of the Catalan mixed with the class of the yeclana in a cocktail that did not sit well with the Japanese. It was the first time that they played a decisive game of the tournament and it was as if they resolved a friendly warm-up. The two sets opened with a 3-0 reassuring. The perfect end to a weekend that should charge morality to the Spanish women's team, which could be invincible if they are encouraged to participate in the future Garbiñe Muguruza and Carla Suárez.

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