Andrés Fernández: "The Europa League does not hinder"

The goalkeeper points to the ownership against Sporting Portugal, and does so with the "illusion of changing the dynamics of the team with a victory".

Goalkeeper Andrés Fernández points to the start against Sporting de Lisboa, and does so with the "illusion of changing the team's dynamics with a victory". For the goalkeeper this is a match that can mean "a turning point for the team", that winning in Lisbon "can take a lot of moral." Therefore, it is very clear that "the Europa League does not hinder", and must "defend the shield and shirt in the best way" .

Habló talked about the following topics:

Pretty competition: "This is a very nice competition, it's a competition in which we have the illusion of doing things well and doing a good elimination. "

We can compete: " I believe that in Europe we can compete and although we must rotate, I think we have many players who can perform , and that we can do those rotations and we can be competitive. "

No play in Europe: " I do not think this competition is a hindrance, I think it's a match to defend the shirt and to do things right. tremendous opportunity to play, to win and to gain confidence ".

Sporting:" Sporting is one of the strong teams, they play in a nice stadium and ue very tight, I think they are motivated and they want to do things right, We expect a complicated game, a party with a great atmosphere and a good team ".

They will go for all: " They will take advantage of their factor field, they are a cheerful team in front of the goal and they have people stuck up, I'm sure they will look to take advantage of that. They are very strong up and with the support of their people they will put pressure on us from the first minute and they will force us to be concentrated from the first minute ".

The team has improved: " The team has improved in the defensive aspect , but we do not win and what we need is to win and that is what we must do now. I do not know if they should think that this tie will be easier or not because of the situation we are in, it is true that we are not well and they can be more favorites for it. But I think we are a good team, with good players and that can win anyone. "

The team is committed:" This is a committed team, everyone is very aware and works for it, it is something that I think is vital for these situations and that is something fundamental ".

Cambio:" I do not know how to change this, it's not easy, but what I think is that you should not obsess, you should try not to generate anxiety ".

Ganar in Lisbon hit: "Surely a victory in Lisbon is a blow of effect and moral for the team, winning in that field would give us a lot of strength. That's why we're going to that party to defend the shirt and be able to give everyone a joy ".

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