'Magic', about negotiating for Davis: "The Pelicans went in bad faith"

The president of the Lakers charges against the Pelicans for the negotiations that both maintained to transfer to Anthony Davis.

'Magic 'Johnson, current presidente of operations Los Angeles Lakers, spoke for the first time of the "failure" he reaped as leader in the attempt to get the transfer of the center Anthony Davis, of the Pelicans of New Orleans, whom he accused of acting in "bad faith" .

However, Johnson, who accompanied the team this Sunday, in Philadelphia, where the Lakers suffered another humiliating defeat when losing by 143-120 to the Sixers, said that everything had been left behind and the same He had asked the players involved in the "failed" transfer attempt.

The winner of five NBA titles was categorical in accepting that what happened could not be changed and therefore it was best to look to the future, although it was also very "aware" of the repercussions that could be generated within the young staff.

About the part of responsabilida d that could have the general manager of the Pelicans, Dell Demps, and the vice president of the team executive Mickey Loomis, a man seasoned in the world of the NFL with the Saints, so that the transfer would not occur, Johnson was categórico al say that "all" .

In addition, Johnson went further when he gave a resounding "no" to the specific question if both leaders of the Pelicans had acted in good faith before the deadline for closing transfers was finalized. He also rejected the behavior of the Lakers with their players was "unfair" when it came to publicly know the packages offered for trying to get Davis.

"It is the way it is negotiated in the NBA and we are talking about authentic professionals, not babies and they know it, I know, everyone knows, "Johnson told reporters:" Now all we have to do is move forward to achieve the goal of being in the playoffs. "

In addition, Johnson reiterated that the great objective that the team has and maintains firmer than ever is to get back a title of champions of NBA. In this sense, he is convinced that this summer when the free agents market opens, which he considered to be full of talent, he had no doubt that they will get the star player they need and seek to join forces with the forward LeBron James .

Johnson was "pleased" with the changes the team made after sending the rookie forward, the Ukrainian Svi Mykhailiuk, to the Detroit Pistons by Reggie Bullock and exchanging the Croatian center Zubac and forward Michael Beasley Mike power forward Muscala with their Clippers neighbors.

The Lakers manager confirmed that he had spoken with all the players on the team and that they were on the same page to fight to reach the playoffs, something the Lakers have not achieved since in 2013, something he recognized was "thrilling" at the thought.

There, said or that it was important for the team that everyone within the organization should focus its efforts on achieving that goal. "I do not want them to focus on other things," Johnson said: "What happened to those names that were mentioned, all that, that's over, that was Thursday, this is now, everybody has to buckle up and we must move forward. "

Ben Simmons

Johnson's proposal had no trouble answering the question about what he thought of the Sixers star base, the Australian Ben Simmons, and admitted that last summer, the player tried to communicate with him through The Lakers.

The Los Angeles team manager admitted that he "liked" the style of play very much, very similar to his own, but that before attempting any kind of meeting or conversation he told him that if the NBA and the Sixers were in agreement that was given, then for him there would be no problem, but otherwise it would not happen, and so it happened.

Ni the NBA or the Sixers have wanted to do No comment2222 222 on Johnson's claim and his possible encounter with Simmons.

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