1x1 Levante: Not a shot at goal; There are no further questions, Your Honor

The Granotas succumb in Mendizorroza in one of their worst games of the season.


Something more insecure than in other occasions. In the goal of Laguardia perhaps could do something more since the header is practically from the small area. And then he was nervous in some way out. In the second part he made a good stop to Inui in a heads up that could be the second.


Ni much or little. Neither forward nor backward. When playing with a line of four he focused more on defending and when he went up it was totally inoperative. In defense he did not suffer too much, except at the end when Jonny changed his band and punished his back.


Negado with the ball on his feet. Not a good pass in the whole game. Neither long nor short. With errors of bulk, deliveries to the contrary that meant dangerous contras. Of course, he saw the usual yellow and played the rest ballasted.


Sobrio and safe at all times. Of the best of the granotas. Without notable failures and always resolving well the situations of danger that came to him.


Salvo a couple of successful actions in defense in the first minutes, was out of the game. Errors in clear passes to his teammates. It did not contribute anything in attack and Jonny always looked for his side knowing that it was the weak side of the granotas.


Jugó the 90 minutes and in almost all of them it was as if it were not. He did not contribute anything in defense or attack. And, without Bardhi and Campaña, he was in charge of the stopped ball: not a good center. As if that were not enough, he lost the Laguardia mark in the first goal of the Vitorians.


He tried to lead the team in the absence of Campaña and Rochina but never managed to take the helm. Always looking in parallel or back and thus, obviously, it becomes more complicated to reach the opposite goal.


Pasó rather unnoticed and but was a negative protagonist in the two goals of Alavés. In the first he was overtaken by the powerful jump of Laguardia and in the second he confided to Jonny that he stole the ball and beat Aitor and on the horn.


De most drinkable of the Levant in the 65 minutes he was on the playground. He always asked and tried everything. He showed his dribbling and speed qualities although he did not have his best afternoon either. The times he got a good option never resulted in a dangerous occasion.


The Commander is not. In Mendizorroza he had nothing to do with the Morales he is used to. Neither speed nor dribbling nor overflowing or danger or anything.


Voluntarioso and participativo but without success or relevance. Not a shot on goal from Levante throughout the game. It says everything about the attack azulgrana in Vitoria.


Le gave some fresh air to a fully jammed Levante but not much less to pull the car. It contributed something more to set pieces but without evident danger.


He returned to leave the bench and returned to fail as revulsive. Almost always far from the area and when he tried a start or it was removed or delivery failed.


A barely had ten minutes and he had to put on almost left-handed lane. Neither touched the ball.

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