"We went to Madrid, when I do not see things well I'll say it ..."

Luka Modric spoke about his renewal: "I'm happy in Madrid, like the first day, and I hope he stays here for more than a year and a half, I hope the club wants the same."

Luka Modric was the great protagonist in the triumph of Real Madrid against Sevilla (2-0). The Croatian, who led the Whites and closed the game in 93 ', went through a mixed zone and analyzed the game. The white 10 has no doubts: the team needed a game like that. "We have shown that we have not forgotten to play," he said.

Alegia for the triumph: "We deserved a result, we played a great game from the beginning, in the first half the goal was missed, but the second half was perfect. more goals, very happy for the victory and the game ".

The best match: " Yes, sure, we lacked a game like that, and that's how we have to play. "Real Madrid is finally happy. We have shown that we have not forgotten to play, but it was hard for us.This is going to be a turning point.I hope we can keep growing and playing as this team can do. "

You came out in mixed zone after the defeat against the Real and was very self-critical. Since then, Solari has made decisions: "When I speak I try to be honest and the last time ... When I do not see things well, I will say it This is the path we are going to follow We have played as a team, we have fought one on the other and this is the way, we can not relax and think that everything will come alone, we have to work, suffer, fight, we will be up, sure, this game has to be an example of how we have to play and fight by the shield of Madrid ".

The team has pushed a lot: " I think we always have an attitude, this is for sure, but sometimes things do not work out, we are not at our best level, but we always have an attitude. everything went right from the beginning, we were fine physically and when we are like this all the teams against us have problems. "

The fans are angry with the referees. It has taken a gap and has not missed or missed: "Mateu has made a good game, what happened with me is not on purpose, this happens, a head-on collision, it was not a fault, but that's it. Referees in peace, they played well ".

Renewal: " I'm still here, I have a year and a half of contract, I'm happy and I have no pressure and I'm not worried about anything. A year and a half is a lot and I'm I have always taken the club very well and it will continue to be so. "

Some fans are afraid to leave: " I'm happy in Madrid, like the first day, and hopefully I'll be here for more than a year and a half. I hope the club wants the same, it will not be a problem. "

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