Valencia: Mina is already in their numbers from last year

The Galician forward has eight goals and last year he scored 15. He only has more goals than all the team's points together.

Santi Mina is already in their numbers. The Galician striker has accumulated eight goals and is on track to repeat the statistics he signed last year, when he scored 15 goals and achieved his best records. The funny thing is that the punta che has achieved its eight goals in four doubles. The Galician double vaccinated the Ebro, Young Boys, Rayo Vallecano and Sporting.

Santi Mina is the only forward from Valencia who is performing so far. In fact, he only carries more goals than the rest of the team. Gameiro (3 goals), Rodrigo (2) and Batshuayi (2) do not surpass the numbers of the Viguese striker.

The point of the Valencia highlighted the last course for its effectiveness. In fact, vio door every 122 minutes. This season he needs more time to score, but he already scores every 151 minutes.

Santi Mina will return on Saturday to Vigo at his best time of the season and will try to prolong his fitness in front of Celta, his teammate.

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