The trial of Vinokourov for the 'purchase' of the Liege 2010 is delayed

The Liege Court, in collaboration with investigations by the French police, has delayed the trial until March 26 for the appearance of false evidence.

More polemic that splashes the world of cycling. The Belgian portal sudinfo says today that the Liege Court is still investigating the Vinokourov-Kolobnev case of the year 2010. In the classic Liège-Bastogne-Liège of that season, the Kazakh allegedly would have bought his victory to the Russian runner by a figure of 150,000 euros for that the Katusha excorredor did not dispute the final sprint.

The investigation in course denounced that between both corridors existed exchange of emails with payments of 100,000 and 50,000 euros made in July and December 2010, dates after the race. It is suspected that the two runners reached an agreement in full career of the Liege, held on April 25 of that year, when they were more than a hundred kilometers from the goal.

In addition, the French justice would have revealed the existence of false computer documents that would be to the detriment of Vinokourov. The investigation in this regard has been relaunched in Nice to collaborate with the Court of Liege. For the time being, the resolution of the case has been postponed to March 26 due to false evidence found.

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