The Fuenla demands a Madrid in which Llull is the leader

Laso made a gurruño with statistics and threw it behind the bench: 12-27. Llull (21 points) and Carroll (16 points) led the reaction: 31-13. Reyes, 778 games. Eyenga shined.

Weekends, just landed from their European trips, they are hard on Madrid and more against rivals with determination, like the one shown by Montakit Fuenlabrada. This time did not count on Rudy, but with the rest of a gala template, in which there is only one objection, the lack of a third base that gives relays to Llull and Campazzo. Both returned to coincide many minutes on the court, exactly 18, almost half of the duel. Something that suits the team and El Incredible, the decisive player of the morning , although it may take a long-term bill for the accumulated wear. Llull came to solve in the last quarter against Efes and this time he had a very complete performance: 21 points and 24 points, and a +24 for Madrid with him on court. Exercising part-time escort has been good for the momentum.

As the topic says, the party had two very different parts, but both before the break. Duel of extremes between the first and second quarters that resolved part of the plot, what was left, the mystery of the winner, was left until the end. In the intermission of those two sets we saw Laso take the statistical sheet of the first ten minutes, review it from top to bottom, make a grumble with it and throw it behind the bench.

El Fuenla sent for 15 against a Real who had failed 11 of his 15 pitches, which went out to load the low post and finished with four players looking at the one who had the ball and bounced on his back, that lack of activity was reproached by the coach from Vitoria in a time-out: "Ask them something, a cocacola or some popcorn ". In the Montakit, many successful hands and the energy that missed the premises. The presence of Marko Popovic, of all his talent in good physical condition, is key to the Fuenla and he will be even more in the race to avoid the descent. Because at this point, showing off before a big one gives you self-esteem, but it's only worth adding to get away from the well.

Che's absence and the reaction of Llull and Carroll Che García failed in the derby for renal colic, so Raventós took the reins and moved a lot (and well) his template. Real Madrid fans rubbed their eyes: 12-27, a reflection of what was happening on the track. The white players understood the touch of attention and everything changed in the second quarter. Intensity. The streak at the launch changed hands and Fuenla even began to miss the free throws, which would have held some more their advantage. Between Llull (13) and Carroll (10) scored five triples and 23 points for a partial of 31-13.

On the restart, Taylor and Randolph, which culminated a counterattack with a 360 degree dunk, were released on the parquet floor. They pushed their team, along with another Carroll arreón, to an advantage that seemed definitive: 66-53. Before, Tavares had pupated the visitors, but el Montakit neither delivered the spoon nor threw the towel.

Eyenga was in every action with all the soul. He reinforced the appearance of Pako Cruz and five consecutive points of Popovic went around to the sock: 71-72. The duel seemed destined to an even final, of those to which the whites have become accustomed at home before rivals who are not from their league. Laso put at the same time Llull and Campazzo, his only two bases; already Kings, who equaled Joan Creus (778 games, league record) ; more Ayón and Causeur. The French gave the checkmate to Fuenlabrada with an entry on the left and a triple with a step back. The Madrid accuses in the ACB the mental waste of the Euroleague.

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