Ten years of Faubert's signing: 1.5 M € for 54 minutes

This January 30 marks a decade of one of the most incredible businesses in Madrid. He is remembered much more for his trouble than for his football.

It was so evident that the signing of Faubert (35 years) was not going to turn out that someone must have thought that it could only go well. So on January 30, 2019, y ten years ago, Madrid closed its cession of the West Ham for 1.5 million and a purchase option of 6 that was not contemplated. It was a joint failure, responsibility in different degree of Vicente Boluda, Miguel Angel Portugal and Juande Ramos, a decade ago president, sports director and coach of the white club.

They went for Antonio Valencia, but they went out of price and ended up putting in the Bernabéu to the French, of those with 25 years. The operation ended up as an incontestable demonstration that the cheap is expensive, because Faubert left Madrid with 54 minutes in two matches in his record and almost comparing with Zidane: "With 50 minutes in six months, not even he could have demonstrated what he is capable of. " He also slipped a kind of apology with which it was impossible not to empathize: "I know some people were laughing at me, nobody believed that I could succeed there, but how could I refuse to go?" He did what anyone in his place: accept the opportunity of his life even if it came too big to recognize that "when they told me the possibility, I thought it was a joke" .

It was brief, but also unforgettable. end, in that half year left moments for the memory. "He has been gray", Juande began admitting after his debut. Since that premiere was not stopped talking about his overweight and, although his farewell to the press ("some had bad intentions ..."), his most distinctive work was a nap on the visiting bench of the Villarreal stadium. His delirious merits led an amateur, taking advantage of that reef, to dedicate him in his last presence at the Bernabéu a farewell to the height of the character: a banner that read "Thanks for everything, Faubert" . In summer he returned to England and left a singularity void that only Coentrao, which landed two seasons later, managed to fill.

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