Siakam saves the Raptors without Kawhi from the abyss on the horn

Those of Toronto were freed of the extension with a basket of the power forward in the last second. Great match of the Suns and Booker (30 + 2 + 8).

The Toronto Raptors were on the verge of having a trip of those that can not be allowed if they want to finish winning their conference: to lose in house against the last equipment of the West. The Phoenix Suns have already given more than a fright and do not remember so much the team of the beginning of course, when they were clearly the worst in the league. Even so, for the Raptors to lose would have been unforgivable.

No played Kawhi Leonard, who has already missed ten games throughout the season, so the rest of the teammates shared the tasks. And everything seemed to work well until the return of the break. In the third quarter the Suns woke up and matched the contest playing at an excellent level. With un stellar Devin Booker (30 + 2 + 8), putting triple everywhere and attending right and left, entered the last quarter in front on the scoreboard (77-78) .

Then a key man appeared: Josh Jackson. The young player was also instrumental in the comeback of the third quarter. In 18 minutes of play he put 7 points in 4 shots to basket and activated his team in defense. But with six minutes to go he made a ridiculous mistake to Boucher when he was going to score just under the basket. A push with no option to touch the ball that cost him a more flagrant technique, complaints from Kyle Lowry mediantes, who sent him to the dressing room.

The Suns were deconcentrated and the Raptors returned to take command. It seemed that the game was not lost on them, but once again the Phoenix players returned to match the game. This was the last move, where Siakam (10 + 12 + 5) became the hero. He looked for the one on one against Mikal Bridges from the perimeter, penetrated decisively despite the presence of DeAndre Ayton and with a tray sentenced the game.

In that work of the Raptors, Kyle Lowry (16 + 9 + 8 + 2) and Serge Ibaka (22 + 6) were the most outstanding. They now have five games with mixed difficulty (from the Grizzlies at home to the Pacers and the Rockets out) before firing January the same day 31 receiving the Bucks. A game that can be key to deciding who will be the king of the East.

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