Rossi: "The two figures of 46 add up to 10, a perfect number"

The Italian revealed some curiosities in the program 'Che tempo che fa' and made a nod to the tenth title when they asked him for his bib.

With the course about to roll, Valentino Rossi hurried his last moments through Italy and visited the program 'Che tempo che fa' before heading to Sepang for the presentation of the team and the first pre-season tests. In his visit to public television, 'the doctor 'spoke about how his twenty-fourth season in the World and unveiled some curiosities of his past and sports present, making a new nod to that tenth crown with which he still dreams.

El number 10 marked the beginning of his career. In 1989, 10 years old, the Italian had his first contact with the world of two wheels and his intention is that the ten also marks the end. When talking about why his dorsal, Tavullia pilot made reference to his father but also did not forget another meaning that now hides that figure: "46 was the number with which my father won the first race In the World during the year in which I was born, 1979. In addition I like it to be two figures and between the two they add 10, a perfect number, , is not it? ".

After landing in the premier class next to Honda, with whom he conquered three world championships in a row, Valentino decided to keep adding with Yamaha. For 'El Doctor', his arrival at Iwata's garage was "the best" he did in his career and the triumph he achieved in South Africa in 2004, is for him the most emotional of his career: " Welkom's is my In fact, I have that bike in my room, I had left Honda, with whom I had many successes, and wished I could continue on that same road ".

The South African track was the stage where He started the Italian's idyll with the M1. So far, Valentino retains "all the Yamaha" with which he has won. The Tavullia driver gathers at home some mounts with which, before each race, went "40 minutes around" talking to them and creating a kind of "romantic exit" stuck to what has become his best ally along a trajectory, which, laughing, Valentino remembers how it was questioned from the school in its infancy.

"Once I told the art history teacher that I was not interested in the subject and she took it wrong Me told me: "Do not you think you earn your living with that motorcycle out there? " ". Valentino answered on the asphalt clearing any doubt. He has been so resounding that at almost 40 years old, he is still waiting anxiously for the start of a course where his picture of the Yamaha "will carry more or less the colors of the Inter, because the color of Yamaha is blue and that of Monster , our new sponsor, the black ".

The fact of competing at the highest level with the most powerful drivers and, especially, his pupils of the Academy, are the reasons that keep him active and eager to continue fully In the fight: "It's good for me to work with young people, Bagnaia and Morbidelli will run against me this year, and if they get in front of me, it will bother me." The ambition and the desire to continue adding remain intact in the trajectory of a pilot that for 2019, will try to climb back to the top next to his M1.

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