Rodrigo sinks to Celta

The Celtic canterano points to those of Cardoso. Ferran had tied Araújo's goal before. Marcelino's Valencia takes a breath with his second consecutive victory.

The staging made it clear that the crisis in Vigo is worse than in Valencia. In the first minutes there was mu insecurity in the home team, while those of Marcelino were very comfortable on the grass. At three minutes Coquelin warned with a distant shot that caught Rubén. Jozabed answered immediately, but his shot did not take a goal. Halfway through the first half, a dizzying counter to Valencia would arrive. Rodrigo and Mina, two Celtic players, rushed to the opposite goal, but their shots never reached Rubén because Araújo prevented him. The Mexican crossed Mina and then blocked the shot of Rodrigo.

After that, the madness. Up to seven occasions in the last quarter hour, five premises and two visitors. Rubén flew to drive a strong kick from Soler and that unleashed Celta. They tried Roncaglia and Sisto and then Coquelin went into action. A rude error from the center left Boufal hand in hand with Neto. The goal worked the miracle of avoiding the goal, but in the subsequent corner kick he could not do anything. Araújo won the battle to Paulista and Coquelin and nodded to the network. Before the break, it was tested by Parejo with a foul on the edge of the area. He threw centered and did not surprise Rubén.

In the break there must have been a scolding from Marcelino, because the second part was very different, especially after the double change with half an hour left. The entrance to the field of Gameiro and, above all, Ferran gave Valencia another look. Neto only had to intervene on one occasion, to a shot by Brais. The rest was a to Ruben, that kept his team alive with impossible stops. He could not avoid the draw of Ferran, with an exquisite blow to the boat soon with the outside after a failure in the olyvica line, and neither the one of Rodrigo, at pleasure, after a sensational combination che and a new empanada of the local defense . Sus stretched before Mina, Garay and Ferran were useless. El Celta goes empty for the fourth week in a row and su crisis is already untenable. El Valencia picks up with its week of inflection. Marcelino raises his head, Cardoso is still in a spin.

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