Nadal collided with Mister Australia

In the moment of truth, a crushing reality was imposed: today, on hard court, Djokovic is superior. The good news is that Rafa has returned to a final.

On the eve of a match of this greatness, analyzes and forecasts for all tastes emerge. Some, based on statistics; others, supported by sensations. The statistics dictated that Novak Djokovic is better than Rafa Nadal on hard track, and more on Australia, his Grand Slam. The sensations, however, pushed the optimist with Nadal, who had reached the final after an unblemished tournament, without yielding a set, recovered from his physical ills and with a new efficient tennis. All this put in a balance auguraba a balanced and exciting shock, with epic doses, between two of the best tennis players in history. There was the precedent of 2012: almost six hours of play. But none of that happened. In the moment of truth, an overwhelming reality prevailed: today, on this surface, Djokovic is superior.

The final of the Australian Open places Nole in a galactic dimension. It is its third consecutive big , for a total of 15, with which desempata with Pete Sampras and a is placed two of Nadal and five of Roger Federer. In Melbourne he is already Mister Australia with seven titles: he has not lost any final. El Big Three dominates in the list of winners, but with the feeling that only one of them, Djokovic, has still margen to sweep all the records. Federer has already shown signs of filming down the 111111 poll below at 37 3722222. The case of Nadal is different, because the brake in recent times has been his battered physical. That's the good news of a Sunday in which almost everything has been bad for the Balearic: Rafa has returned to the final of a Grand Slam, when four months ago he was broken by injuries. There is room for hope.

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