Molina and Mata go down to Alavés and take Getafe to ecstasy

Two goals from both forwards. The Getafe achieves the biggest win of the season and Alavés fits his biggest defeat. Going to Europe is a reality.

Nobody had won to Alavés for more than one goal except Barca and Atlético. Only Barça and Atlético had made it 3-0 to Alavés. What only the first two of the League had been able to achieve was overcome by Getafe in one fell swoop. Who dares to put limits on the team of Bordalás? Beware of thinking short.

El Getafe is a team that works in a group. To defend and to attack. For better and for worse. But above all is determined to highlight Molina, possibly the most discreet person of the entire staff. Two more goals for him. The first a goal from outside the area. And another two for Mata, which has as an example Molina demonstrating that he knows how to choose a mirror in which to look.

Bordalás was afraid of the height centimeters of Alavés, Bastón (1,91) and Calleri, who finishes better in head than with feet, so he took precautionary measures. Puso remedy with the entry of Bruno (1.85), moved to the central Cabrera (1.90) to the left and left side, Antunes (1.75), went on to play ahead doing indoor. Up lined the pair Molina (1.89) -Mata (1.85), leaving the top scorer of the Cup, Angel (1.72), in the bench. With more elevation it is easier to defend the corner kicks and strategy moves.

Since, the match was not resolved in the heights. It was at ground level and by unforced errors, as the penalty of Maripán to Cristóforo. It was the 32nd minute. Maripán arrived late to meet a divided ball and took ahead in Cristóforo. Penalti clear. Munuera Montero pointed it out without having to wait for the VAR. He checked the VAR and gave him the reason. He threw Mata and scored.

Nothing happened until nothing else to start the second part. Received Molina from behind, his specialty, turned and, fixing the goal as a goal, put the ball where he had just put the eye. From 30 meters, surprised Pacheco and amazed everyone. A golazo.

With the dizzy Alavés, the Getafe took the opportunity to knock him to the canvas. A throw-in of Cabrera to the area (55 '), lowered Mata and topped Molina. Gol. The eighth of Molina in Liga. More than the top scorer of Real Madrid, Benzema, who has one less. The Coliseum shouted "Molina, Selección" . There will be anyone who seems exaggerated, but if they ask for Getafe they will tell you that it is not. And if they ask the Alavés, they will say that neither.

It ended the job Mata. It did not matter. The Alavés was already down and the Getafe and nobody could lower his dreams.

Abellardo: "Perhaps the worst game since I arrived in Alava"

How do you rate what happened?

The valuation can not be more bad. We have not entered the game well. At no time have we known how to play the second plays, give two or three passes in a row, break the pressure line and have waited for us. It is not an excuse but you leave the second half with the intention of changing things, but we did not win the second play and Molina scored a goal. Getafe has been worthy of the victory.

The worst game of the season?

May it be the worst game since I arrived in Alava. We had a talk on how to play and I feel responsible for the defeat because I have not been able to convey the idea well. We must forget this game, but analyze it. We must learn from the mistakes This does not tarnish the extraordinary season we are doing.

Have they been overwhelmed by Getafe?

El Getafe has been faithful to the great year it is doing. Press a lot, has very clear ideas, lives from the mistakes of the rival and knows how to take the initiative of the game. Without detracting from the rival, we have not been level. We have to be at the highest level to compete and win because we do not have the resources of the big teams. Today we have been at fifty percent

What explanation do you find?

El Getafe has done what we did. Be vertical, steal in a rival field. I do not count almost any chance of ours in the game. The Getafe has not left us or we also have not known how to do it.

Follow in European positions.

The first objective is what it is. We are the Alavés and at the end of this day we will continue to be in an enviable position. The next pairgone will be the Rayo. This is very long, very hard and very difficult.

Bordalás: "A great match, one of the most complete"

How have you seen your team's match?

Ha been a great game, one of the most complete. We have faced a revelation team, which is doing a great season. Alavés is a difficult team, we played a great game, four goals and we did not expect such a result. Try to grow, keep working, improve. We must congratulate this team for the good that it plays, the attitude it has and the desire to grow.

Why did Antunes play as an interior?

A Antunes I have seen him fantastic. Has given centers, has had chances to score at the start of the game. It has been the same as the rest of the team, fantastic. The Alavés has not had occasions and that is the merit of this team. I'm proud of the players. It was not easy because we came from little rest, playing two days apart.

With Molina the qualifiers are over.

It is a player who is in a good moment. It's fundamental. He has the respect of the players, the technicians, the fans ... He is an example in everything. Good person. There are no words, the performance of a player with that age is not normal. He has criteria, holds the ball, attends and does almost everything well.

Gritaban Molina Selección.

I have not shouted that. He is in a fantastic moment and he is helping us a lot.

What do you think about the Cup draw?

The Valencia is a great club, with a fantastic hobby. It is an incredible club. All the teams that are in the quarter are of a high level. It is a difficult and complicated elimination as with any rival.

If it continues like that, the greats will come.

No will be worried in the club because I have a contract.

What do you think about the celebration of the stands?

Le I thank you because you enjoyed. It's what we all try, to leave happy. We have been successful in the face of goal. We have achieved a victory of great merit. I congratulate you, but we can not change the speech. The second round will be very hard.

Does not seem to have noticed the casualties of Foulquier and Arambarri.

When they jump onto the pitch to participate the boys who do not play try to do well, soak up the signs of identity. We are a team that works well, ambitious, and that is what I try to inculcate.

Will there be signings before the market close?

I can not comment because we are focused on competitions. We have all the players we have and we will see what happens.

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