Lightning: Champions numbers in the last five days

Only Barça have taken more points than the franjirrojos (15 for 13), those numbers have taken them out of the descent for the first time this year.

El Rayo still rubs his eyes when he looks at the classification. He does not occupy the relegation places for the first time this season. The postponement of the game against Athletic (that J3 was played on October 24) prevented mathematics from giving him a truce in days 4 and 6 (doing the calculation and ordering it would have occupied the 16th and 17th place respectively). The franjirrojos have started this second round league plethoric.

No wonder. El Rayo has made Champions numbers in the last five days, adding 13 of 15 possible points. Only the leader, Barça, surpasses them with a full: 15 of 15. At the same level of the Vallecano team we find Atletico (13) , which would accompany the 'top 5' Athletic (11) and Real Madrid and Valencia (10) Just on the opposite side are Celta (0) , Villarreal, Girona and Espanyol (3) and Levante, Betis and Huesca (4) .

The resurrection of the Ray in recent weeks is incontestable, as are its numbers. The Madrileños have added more in these last five days than in the previous 1622222. Thanks to their four victories (Levante, Valladolid, Celta and Alavés) and to the draw against Real they have taken 13 points, for the 10 achieved previously. Those first weeks only managed to scratch two wins (Huesca and Eibar) and four draws (Real, Espanyol, Athletic and Villarreal) .

The equality this course is maximum. To the point that Rayo's good run only made him advance from the 19th to the 17th position of the classification. However, this definitive step to salvation came thanks to a testimony from De Tomás, who broke down the fortress of Mendizorroza, impregnable since last April 29, 2018. RdT found a way to win there, 274 days later, fulminando new records : he made his first goal away from Vallecas and the first of the red-headed team.

" It is an important step to go out of the descent, the goal is to be out in the day 38. We were successful and they did not. zero against a rival like Alavés is complicated, defensively we have made a great game ", confirmed Míchel after winning in Mendizorroza, where he added:" The players have always shown me commitment and security in our idea. "That gave me peace of mind. of salvation the team let go ... and did not pass ".

Today, el Rayo is sweet and builds that good cha on different pillars. The technician Vallecano changed the drawing , aligning three centers and two lanes, something that has mitigated the bleeding of the team back (he conceded five goals in five games, twice leaving the goal to zero). Also Dimitrievski has become owner and lord of the goal, chaining ten starts (five victories, two draws and three defeats) and, between his paradons, there is a penalty from Valladolid. To this we must add that up has gunpowder: ten goals scored in the last five matches and five of them with the seal of De Tomás.

Since, the defender Abdoulaye brings new keys to the great state of form of the team. " The chip has changed, the system is very important, but it is more the change of mentality. When we do not fit, I am very happy, we have to continue working, being humble and improving our mistakes, "said the Senegalese, who thanked the fans for their unconditional support: "They are the best" .

This would be the classification of the last five days

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