Landa: "I already have my head at the start of the season"

Mikel Landa has focused on training to start the season in shape, but, out of the corner of his eye, he is attentive to his Euskadi Foundation.

-How are you doing?

-Good, wanting to start. Last year I finished very early and I have my mind set on the beginning of the season.

-It will be at the Challenge of Mallorca, right?

-Yes. There I will be able to coincide, precisely, with the children of the Foundation's continental team.

-Do you confirm the calendar later?

-I want to do Andalusia, Tirreno, Ardenas, Itzulia and, later, Giro and Tour. No new developments.

-You are very excited about the project of the Euskadi Foundation, right?

-Yes, I like what I see and the presentation of Wednesday in Hernani was very good.

-It was done in the headquarters of the Orona Foundation. Will it be a new sponsor?

-For now we have a very good collaboration but the link is now reduced to the presentation. I would love to come back here to announce, for example, the sponsorship of a team or something similar.

-Let's start with the continental project. There are several new features, right?

-Yes, we have opened the doors a bit with the arrival of a Colombian who will be with us the first part of the season (Higuita) and with some additions from Lizarte as Soto and Zhigunov.

-What are their objectives?

-That they get involved in the Foundation. The sports results is not as important.

-Debuta a set of girls, right?

-Yes, it's something that we had in our heads and that we finally managed to get up. Most of them are from Alava, like me, but the idea is to take more girls from the Basque Country. It's the first step.

-And then there's the AMPO inheritance, from the Goiherri, with an amateur structure and equipment Sub-23.

-They asked us for financial help because they had problems and we decided to help them out. That is the idea of the principle of the Foundation and I think it has been something good.

-In that set will run Edu Santas, who has achieved great things in adapted cycling.

-Yes, it was Markel Irizar who told me his case, I had trouble running and it seemed like a good idea to include it in the project. Will train and run with us.

-Who are the main legs in the day to day of the Foundation?

-Well the people around me, my family, my environment, sponsors and, above all, companies like Orbea , Etxeondo and, since a few months ago, Laboral Kutxa that has decided to sponsor the amateur team.

-Many people in the presentation, with politicians, exciters, public in general ... even a pianist and a bertsolari.

-Yes yes We were very satisfied with how it was all.

-He was a little nervous when giving the speeches. It seems that it develops better mounted on the bicycle.

-It is that there were many surprises and things that I did not expect as the videos that were putting and in which, for example, my parents left.

-What do you ask the season?


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