Lakers: Jeanie Buss does not want Luke Walton fired

The owner is the great defender of the coach, questioned since the injury of LeBron and for which Magic Johnson does not feel passion.

The nightmare is getting longer for the Lakers: every new medical part or information in the press delays a little more the return of LeBron James, who was injured on the day of Christmas at Oracle Arena, against the Warriors, and in the best case will return in the second match of the Angelenos against the champion, on the 21st. Ya therefore round the month, the longest absence in all his career in the NBA, a drop of LeBron that is proving fatal for the Angelenos: 20-14 after the duel in Oakland and 24-21 now, with serious risk of getting out of the fight for the eighth place since before receiving the Warriors travel to Oklahoma City and Houston.

The Lakers have lost 7 of the 11 games that have played without LeBron, and their levels of confidence and play have clearly gone down after defeats such as the one in Sacramento after having had 15 points of advantage in the last quarter, or those suffered in their track against the worst teams in the world. to league: Knicks, Cavaliers ... at least before the Bulls the Lakers took the game forward, but they did after a terrible first time and after spoiling in the final minutes his good performance of the decisive minutes of the second half. Finally they totaled 17 losses, they were again erratic in the free throws (23/34) and only scored 8 of 26 total triples.

Miles of almost all the season and especially visible now that the team is, without LeBron (and without Rondo) much less effective in the game in transition. Forced to play in five against five, huge problems arise in attack that only corrects as can a defense that is the third best in the NBA since he injured LeBron. These last three weeks are leaving in bad place those who should pull the car on the track ... but also the coach, although some of the main problems seem more a matter of staff construction than coach's direction. The more tempered believe that Luke Walton would have to be surrounded by a team of different assistants, especially in relation to the game of attack.

Since the season began it has been suggested that Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka do not particularly like Walton. When the team started badly (2-5, then it was 17-10) it was leaked that Magic was already asking for an immediate reaction to Walton. But in the offices they know that any temptation to take a knock on the bench would clash with Jeanie Buss, the owner of the franchise and a firm defender of the current coach. Jeanie, the daughter of the legendary Doctor Buss, also believes blindly in Magic, which he placed in front of the franchise less than two years ago. But on top of that, Buss does not even want to consider replacing Walton unless the end of the season is really catastrophic. The question is that if the absence of LeBron is extended, it can be ...

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