Klay would value going to the Lakers if they sign Anthony Davis

The exit of Anthony Davis of the Pelicans, if it is bound for Los Angeles, could provoke other movements. Klay Thompson would be affected.

La salida of Anthony Davis of Pelicans can have consequences more or less devastating depending on cu occurs, because ya assumes that is going to be produced. Putting ourselves in the assumption that it is between now and the beginning of the period of free agents of the summer market, which will begin unofficially - with the usual period of moratorium - on July 1, could affect other major players of the NBA; One of them is Klay Thompson.

Journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, asked about the issue on SportsCenter (ESPN), gave a clave on this tema that leaves Los Angeles Lakers:

"The best scenario for the Lakers is to quickly add Anthony Davis to his The staff and the Warriors do not offer a contract for the maximum salary to Klay Thompson, they could offer Klay a little less than the maximum, if that happens, they tell me, the attention of Klay Thompson would go to the Lakers "

There are various points to consider to give context to this information. The first is that, of course, Klay Thompson ends contract this summer with the Warriors; He warned that he wanted the maximum, but also that the negotiations had already begun and that it would end up working well for both parties. The second, that the Lakers kept their backs facing the summer of 2019 with room for two new maximum contracts, which in this case could be those of Davis and Thompson (with Kawhi Leonard staying out of the equation). The tercero, the connection that Thompson has with the Lakers thanks to his father, Mychal, who won two rings there.

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