Keisse denies accusations of sexual abuse and apologizes

"In a stupid moment I made a stupid gesture that I regret, but I did not touch it," said the cyclist about the waitress.

Iljo Keisse, Belgian cyclist of the Deceuninck-Quick Step, recognized his "mistake by a stupid gesture" in a photograph with a girl from San Juan and denied the accusations of sexual abuse of the young Argentinean woman who has reported him to the police.

The waitress in a bar in the city of San Juan was photographed on Friday, January 25 with several Belgian team runners, including Keisse, who simulates a sexual action behind the young woman. After that photograph, the 18-year-old Argentinean girl filed a complaint with the San Juan police on the same day for "dignity, not looking for money or other things." "I'm very disappointed because I wanted to see cyclists coming to San Juan to compete and I did not expect this," told EFE the young waitress, who also points out that since the incident and the complaint "nobody" has contacted with it.

Keisse has publicly defended himself from the accusations in a press conference in which he admitted that "in a stupid moment" he made "a stupid gesture" that he regrets. "It is very unpleasant to be in this situation", said Keisse, who related how the facts were.

"After training, at 13 hours, we had a coffee, we paid, we left a tip and when we left we took a photo One more of the five hundred that we do every day In one stupid moment I made a stupid gesture that I regret, but I did not touch it ", Keisse declared.

" At that time there was no reaction from the girl. Goodbye and we went back to the hotel It was not the best joke I've ever done, but I'm not a criminal either. I did not touch it I'm very hurt by all this and I want to apologize to this girl I made a mistake and will not go back to happen, "he said.

Keisse wanted to" apologize to the people who have been offended, the organization of the race and the team. " "I promise it will not happen more times, but I've felt treated like a criminal." I understand that it's not easy days for the girl, but I also have family and children. Now things are under control and I want to focus on the race. I have a certain weight within the team, I try to be exemplary and I made a mistake, "he said.

The Belgian cyclist recognized the existence of the complaint in the San Juan police station and revealed that he went to the police to give his version of events . "The case is legally closed," said Keisse, who is "considering the possibility of going to the cafeteria to apologize to the girl as soon as possible." According to portals such as Cyclingnews, local media reports indicated that the police imposed a fine on the cyclist of 3000 Argentine pesos and that Keisse already made the payment, although the own broker did not make any reference in this regard.

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