Juanfran Moreno, another serious option to leave the Leganés

The Madrid defender does not finish entering the plans of Pellegrino. There are options that you can go from here to market close. The Leganés continues looking for right lateral.

At three days before the winter transfer market closes, the situation around Leganés is hectic in the signings (the club has Diego Reyes tied, Mexican central Fenerbahçe, and Andrés Prieto, Málaga goalkeeper) and also in the exits. Diego Rolan and Michael Santos are candidates to leave the club because of their status as non-EU, but they may not be the only casualties from here to next day 31. The situation of Juanfran Moreno is also delicate. It is another serious option to abandon Butarque from here to next Thursday.4.

El Leganés is looking right lateral. He has been doing it for a few weeks, a situation that made Juanfran, just as As told at the beginning of the year, he was on the exit ramp like the aforementioned Rolan and Santos. In his case, however, these exit options decreased when, at the beginning of January, he began to enter with more assiduity than before in Flaco's plans.

Pellegrino began to include him in the calls and even completed a good eliminator of Copa del Rey against Real Madrid. He played in both games and both Bernabéu, and Butarque was not wrong. More on the contrary.

Search for a spare

With this, the club has continued looking for a right-back. Pellegrino has admitted, for example, with the case of Leonardo Jara, Argentinian defender of Boca Juniors that aimed to be one of the options desired by the coach. The Flaco own asserted it in the press room, but his condition as non-community prevented his arrival to Butarque. The search continued.

In the agenda of Leganés include players such as Leto, right side of Fabril, Edgar Méndez, lane Spanish of the Mexican Blue Cross, Ezequiel Schelotto, Italo-Argentine side of Brighton, or Marc Navarro, ex of Espanyol now in Watford.

It is as well, and before the option of being relegated to be third lateral right-handed from behind of Nyom and a future reinforcement, that Juanfran has been driven to move. The player is looking for new destination as long as there is agreement with the Deportivo de la Coruña, set that yielded it to Leganés for one year with option to purchase at the end of the campaign.

Although from Italy has been reported offers from equipment such as Parma or Bolonia, the truth is that there is nothing advanced for your departure to Bel Paese. What does seem clear is that the Madrid wants to leave Butarque forced by the circumstances. That gives him a good chance of ending his blue and white period before the winter market closes.

Santos like Ray

As for the other two starts, in the case of Rolan his situation is complex. The Leganés has offered it to several teams of Primera (Rayo or Huesca among them), but for now there is no offer of any top-category team for the striker also loaned by the Depor.

With Santos the situation is different. in the orbit of the Ray, but in your case, with more options to exit. The player likes in Vallecas, although it is not the first option as Míchel wants the signing of a '9' pure more than a companion for the front as is the case of Santos. In addition, there is the cucumber dilemma of whether to let out a player that reinforces a direct rival for permanence. From closing his exit, in fact, his first match of franjirrojo could be in front of the same Leganés in the 'final' of Monday that comes in Vallecas between Rayo and Leganés.

The output of one of the two is basic and fundamental so that the Leganés can give official green light to the incorporation of Reyes. The Mexican will go tomorrow medical examination, but until the Leganés does not release an extra-community card it can not be announced as a cucumber signing.

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