Girona also wins without Stuani this course in Liga

The Uruguayan striker will be out this Sunday against Betis by penalty. Without him, the rojiblanco team beat Rayo Vallecano and Valencia in the league.

El Girona can not count on Cristhian Stuani tomorrow. The Uruguayan forward is sancionado and will be low. Without him, the whole of Eusebio Sacristán loses offensive power, has signed 57 percent of the goals in the League of Girona (sum 12), but in the dressing room shuffle a fact that allows them to be optimistic: without him this course, they have not lost.

Uruguayan striker has been low this season in two games, against Rayo Vallecano and Valencia, injury and the two have won with the rojiblancos. In front of the Madrid side, Portu emerged as the scorer because thanks to his double they added the three points (2-1), and before the Valencian players, Pere Pons was the hero (0-1). And precisely, the midfielder of Girona, spoke days ago of Stuani's absence and is confident not to notice too much his absence: "We all know that he is a very important player, we do not have to be a visionary, he is the team's top scorer and we It's very complete and it perfectly reads our game But I'm sure that the one who plays will do well It's a low key, but we have enough players to fill it. We hope to do it well and it will be a good one match against Betis ".

Eusebio Sacristán has two options to replace Stuani. Portu is a fixed attack and can accompany 'Choco 'Lozano and Doumbia. The Honduran is the one with more options because he started in the Metropolitan Wanda, but do not discard Doumbia. He participated in the goal that tied the match against Atlético (3-3) and gave them access to the semifinals and that would give him a lot of confidence. The problem is that this course has only played 158 'in the league and its lack of pace creates some doubts.

The Girona runs out all their tickets against Barcelona

In Montilivi they already want to see Barcelona. Girona has announced this Friday that the tickets available for sale for the match against Barça on Sunday 27 this month have already sold out. The only seats that are still available are those in the VIP areas in Tribune, Preferred and South Goal. There will be a gala atmosphere and from the club they hope to surpass 13,000 spectators.

Eso, that Montilivi presents a full one will now depend on the partners and for that reason, the Girona entity has asked the subscribers who can not attend the match that free your seat. You are offered the possibility of obtaining a performance on your card and, at the same time, allow other fans to satisfy your desire to attend the duel. The club will sell the seats released by these partners and if the location is acquired by a fan, the subscriber will accumulate a credit of 40 percent of the amount of the sale, after deduction of service charges and VAT . And the accumulated credit can be deducted from the price of the renewal of the season ticket. Yes, the value can not be higher than 50 percent of its price. As for the VIP seats, they have the extra as catering, drinks included during the game and, personalized attention and have a price that goes from the 205 euros in the South Goal at 255 of Tribuna.

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