Felipe Reyes will match the 778 matches of 'Chichi' Creus today

It is the record of matches played in the history of the League. Creus played 24 years and retired when Felipe Reyes had already debuted.

Del Institute Ramiro de Maeztu to the first equipo del Estudiantes, Felipe Reyes debuted in Liga ACB on 4 of October 1998, in Vitoria. It was, 1998-99, the last season in active of Joan 'Chichi 'Creus, the historic base that had led months before Manresa to a heroic League title and that left the fields with casi 43 years and after 24 as a professional . In total, 778 parties since 1975 and between the old National League and an ACB that started in 1983. An cifra that today will match Felipe Reyes as soon as he steps on the track in the duel between Real Madrid and Fuenlabrada.

Felipe played 205 parties with the Estudiantes, in whose first team was definitively integrated from 1999 to 2004, when he signed for a Real Madrid in which he has already played 572 matches of Liga. In total, 777 that leave you at the gates of a record that will match today and exceed next week, if you play in Málaga against Unicaja.

Creus and Felipe form along with Rafa Jofresa (756 games) the historic pound if you add Liga Nacional (1957-1983) and Liga ACB. The data of the first competition is not complete so there is no absolute accuracy in many of them. However, it is certain that nobody else has played 750 matches in the league. After that trio they appear, already in official datos of the ACB, Nacho Rodríguez (737), Nacho Azofra (705) and Juan Carlos Navarro (689), already retired and that unlike Felipe, with which it shares gold generation, yes tried his luck in the NBA (season 2007-08, in Memphis) .

Way of about 39 years that will fulfill the next 16 March, Felipe is still a very useful piece for Pablo Laso. Great example of longevity, in League plays 14 minutes per game and averaged 10.9 rating (7 points and 4.2 rebounds). In its carrera in the ACB, of already more than two decades, it is quinto in points (8.172 total, 10.5 of average), a list that heads Alberto Herreros (9.759), and leader in rebounds (4.624 and 5.95) .

Y shortly, the Cordovan power forward will also be man record in the Euroliga, where he has already played 336 matches and is a only five to match los 341 of Juan Carlos Navarro. In the continental competition is also historical leader in rebounds, his great hallmark (1.762, 5.2 average), and is third in points (2.975 and 8.85) only behind two legendary gunship like Vassilis Spanoulis ( 3.947) and, of course, the Bomba Navarro (4.152) .

Si 'Chichi' Creus retired with dos Leagues in his palmares (also separated by 17 years: 1981 and 1998), Felipe sum already six: 2005, 07, 13 , 15, 16 and 18. Two Spanish basketball legends that from today and at least until next Sunday will share a historical record that will later be owned by an eternal Felipe Reyes who, in addition, has for a while yet.

Rudy Fernández, low in the Madrid

El Fuenlabrada, focused on the fight for salvation after the disappointment of stay out of the Cup in the last breath, visit a Real Madrid22222 22 in which Rudy Fernández will not play for discomfort in the ischias. Jaycee Carroll returns in Liga.

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