Estudiantes is intractable: fourth victory in five games

The collegiate team won in extra time to Tenerife and put land in between with the descent with seven wins. Brizuela (21) and Gentile (20), great.

El Movistar Students is completely unrecognizable. The collegiate team was at the end of December evicted: only three wins, in relegation places and horrible sensations. But now, almost a month later, his world has turned 180º. He has added four victories in the last five games, the last against Iberostar Tenerife in overtime and after rowing hard in a duel that came to lose by twelve to two minutes to close the third quarter. Before, that distance on the scoreboard was the extreme unction ... not now. Gentile with 11 of his 21 goals in that tragic period and the intelligence of Cook and the coolness of Brizuela in extra time, beat his second set of the top-4 in this January.

There is a pulse in the students and the music they put in Scene is beautiful. And it sounds overwhelming at the start. Against the islanders, in five minutes they reached their maximum: + 8 (14-6) with Whittington of metronome with 10 of their 18 final finals (3 of 3 from the triple) in the first quarter. But Tenerife reacted like the giant that it is. Experienced and hard. He answered with Beira, who challenged Gentile on the pole again and again, and with Gillet from outside. The Iberostar took advantage of the staggered start of the five main ones of Berrocal to surpass its rival. Without the weight of their basic quintet (only 15 points between the substitutes and -9 with them on the court), the schoolboys drowned in attack and Brussino, with two triples, closed a demolishing partial of 2-14 (25-36) . The Estu did not score in almost five minutes. Iverson danced, Niang pushed and the locals found themselves on the edge of the cliff.

Gentile, Cook and Brizuela

Ese moment, before, in bad times, it meant falling into emptiness without hesitation. In this beginning of 2019, no. Gentile hugged the ball hard and nibbled the Canarian advantage to put the score in his favor (69-68) with a basket of combative Nik Caner-Medley (15 points and 29 assessment). Tenerife looked from the perimeter (and the ease that gave its rival in that aspect) the best solution to end that escalation. Water: 24 triples of 37 pitches failed.

Cook led the duel to extra time with three free throws (79-79). The base led the final round. He was involved in the six key points that brought down the wall of Tenerife: scored four points and his was the alley oop that completed Arteaga (key in the extra time after the disqualification of the Whittington) for 90-86, Brizuela would lengthen to 92- 86 from the person after stealing a pass from the erratic McFadden. The League's top scorer made 21 points, with 10 hits from the staff of 11 attempts, six in the last 33 seconds. Cold blood to stop the descent already two matches away.

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