Embiid mocks the Wolves: "An honor to win the holders"

The Sixers went over Minnesota after a great first quarter. It was Butler's first match against his team after his controversial departure.

All the lights of the Sixers-Timberwolves this past morning were aimed at Jimmy Butler. The escort was facing Minnesota for the first time after its controversial departure last November ... and the game had more history outside the court than inside. Because at halftime everything was already said: + 25 for the locals (83-58) , who achieved the second highest scoring in the first two quarters of the season after the 92 achieved by Golden State Warriors against the Chicago Bulls, and dribbled 21 triples (record of the franchise). At the end of the duel, the wound was even bigger (149-107) with some great Ben Simmons (20 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists) and Joel Embiid (31 points and 13 sacks). The pivot was a show inside the track and outside it: nothing else to end the confrontation, the Cameroonian hung a photo on Instagram with the phrase "it was an honor to be part of the third team and get the victory against the true holders of the NBA ".

A few words that make reference to one of the most controversial chapters of the stay of Butler in Minnesota. Before starting the season, Adrian Wojnarowski reported one of the most tense workouts that have been carried out in Minny: he faced shouts to colleagues, technicians and managers. He joined the third unit and won two matches the first (with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins) and the second . He arrived with a "hurry that I'm only going to be here an hour" and went to the cry of "this site belongs to me". And on the way he shouted to General Manager Scott Layden "you need me, fuck, you can not win without me" .

Butler: "Towards the future!"

Butler not only answered the message of his partner with several faces crying with laughter, but published one, in which he appeared looking at the defense of the Timberwolves: "Looking to the past ... to the future" , prayed the subtitle of the image. The escort finished with 19 points. None of the players of the Wolves exceeded 15 points (Rose was the only one to reach that figure): Towns added only 13 and Wiggins, 12. The only visitors who took a good memory of this game were Robert Covington and Dario Saric. Both entered into Butler's operation and also confronted their ex-partners for the first time. They received the warmth and applause of an audience that does not forget that they were part of one of the toughest times in the history of the franchise.

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