David López, KO: Rubi has only one insurance center for Eibar

Naldo is the lucky one, since David will be two to three weeks off. Hermoso will enter the group this Saturday and Duarte is also doubt. Lluís, Iago, Nacho and Salto, in the bedroom.

It requested the change David López, while pressing the back of the left leg, 12 minutes after the Espanyol-Villarreal Cup finished. The center, which was undergoing tests this Friday along with Adrià Pedrosa (who also left the field Thursday due to injury) suffers a fibrillar injury grade one in the myotendinous junction of the left hamstring, so it will remain two to three weeks low. Less time, from seven to ten days, will be without playing Pedrosa, with an edema in the proximal third of the right hamstring.

For it, the ailment of David opens an incertainumbre in view of the next meeting of the League, on Monday at Eibar. Espanyol, in need of a victory after adding just three points from the last 24, account today with only one central available: Naldo Gomes. And is the fourth in the order of preference of Joan Francesc Ferrer 'Rubi', despite which has surrendered to a high level this week against Real Sociedad (with a goal included) and against Villarreal.

Si Naldo has played both last encounters is because of the molestias in the pubis that dragged Oscar Duarte, and that intensified last Sunday. And the Costa Rican international was also in the starting line in the wake of the sprain in the external lateral ligament of the left ankle that Mario Hermoso suffered in the derby's anteroom last December 8. The bad news is that neither ni nor Duarte from Madrid have their presence guaranteed in Eibar. The good, which also are discarded: not in vain, Beautiful will be reinstated this Saturday to the group.

The rival who lives in the opposite field

In case of not recovering on time, Rubi will use the quarry. He already did on Thursday, with the presence in the final minutes of Lluís López, who in July will have a record of the first team, and also has recently counted in some training with Nacho González, although the usual dance partner of Lluís in Espanyol B It is Iago Indias. And also Alex Salto serves as central.

To top it off, does not visit the first team this day to any rival, but to the set of First that more time plays in opposite field, a 60 percent of the minutes according to data of Mediacoach, and therefore the one that presses above and that tests the rest of zagas.

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