Colombia deactivates Rodrygo and Brazil starts the Hexagonal badly

The Real Madrid just had opportunities, only a direct foul. The 'canarinha', very racana, was again saved by her goalkeeper, Phelipe. He has four more games left.

A Brasil is neutralized in this South American U-11 , deactivating Real Madrid's Rodrygo and is knocked over the goalkeeper Phelipe. No mystery.

Colombia knew it and applied it in the 0-0 with which both teams started the final Hexagonal. Same result as in the group stage match. In summary, 180 minutes of little soccer in which the premises that the coffee selection sought were applied. Rodrygo barely received playable balls and the little that came to the Brazilian goal was taken out by Phelipe, very confident.

The Colombians Tolosa and Angulo were the best of the first part, in which there was no news of the canarinha. The constant did not change in the second. Moreover, Dalian Ortiz had the best chance of the game at 49' but Phelipe resisted, did not beat and could get the shot of the rough coffee striker. Rodrygo tried from the left and entering the center, when Carlos Amadeu took the nine Brazilian (Lincoln) to put a playmaker (Igor). If there were doubts of the racano Brazilian, his coach almost announced it by public address.

The clearest occasion in Brazil did not appear until the 57 'on a rise to the Ramos of the central Vitao. That encouraged Verdeamarelha and Rodrygo showed up to Kevin Mier's goal two minutes later with a fault in a very good position that went high by a span. But no trace of the touch that characterizes Brazil. There were only a couple of occasions, from Toró and Igor, stumbling. This is Brazil Sub-20. If the rival closes the door to Rodrygo, it is a wasteland. Brazil has only scored three goals in five matches of this South American tournament, two works by Real Madrid ...

A disappointing start of Brazil in a tournament that has not won since 2011 and in which it has four more bullets (the Hexagonal are six teams playing between yes) to try to take a title that is not deserving.

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