Cerezo warns Morata: "Go on with dimes and diretes, and golear"

The president of Atlético gave him that advice, in addition to reviewing his previous career in the club and thanking his grandfather for "transmitting the values".

Enrique Cerezo was the host of Álvaro Morata in his presentation as Atlético player in the Metropolitan Wanda. The president repassed his previous step by the rojiblanca quarry, stressed his qualities as a striker and closed the speech with a direct advice for the player: "Forget what will happen to you from now on, which are the dimes and diretes You here to play soccer and score goals. "

President is aware of the generated debate around the arrival of Morata, largely due to his past in Real Madrid. In fact, Cerezo did not mention the neighbor when he analyzed the forward's career. You spoke of his departure to Getafe, of his arrival in the National Team and of the titles he has won. "He arrived at Atlético through the camps of our foundation." The trainers discovered in him a special talent, a sense of forward reached the team of formation of the club until cadet, when he went to Getafe, "he said.

Cerezo welcomed him, knowing that several of his new teammates have already made it private: "I know that you are joined by a great friendship with several players of our team and they will have transmitted to you the demand of Simeone and his team asks for the dressing room". And the president wanted to thank a very special person for the player: "Your grandfather is a great athletic and we thank him for his passion and rojiblanco spirit. He transmitted to you from small the values that breathe in our club" .

"Speed, unmarked and goal.It is a striker with instinct and returns to Atletico to increase the competition in attack, where we already have great stars", was the description of the forward who made Cerezo.

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