An illegal stopper settles the vibrant comeback of the Wizards

Thomas Bryant scored the basket that gave the Wizards the victory in the O2. Those of Washington came back 19 points of disadvantage.

The Knicks are a spice in extinction. They threw to the garbage an income of almost twenty so many (53-34, minute 18) before some Wizards that, leaders by Bradley Beal, managed to overcome and put on foot the O2 Arena of London (Kingdom United) in a match that went from less to more.

David Fizdale's came out all over, taking advantage of every gap left by the rival. Luke Kornet percutía by outside in the first minutes and was with the entrance of the substitutes, mainly of Dotson and Trier, when they took their greater advantage. NI Hardaway, his best player in the absence of Porzingis, who set a really gray match, they needed it. It was not Wizards' day, or so it seemed. Only a rebound-mate of Satoransky made the public get up, the rest was little and bad for them. The only positive thing was that they cut off the hemorrhage, and instead of staying on the border of the twenty they stayed in the ten; that helped him later to be able to overcome.

It was already in the last quarter, since in the third one there were no signs of improvement either. Bradley Beal came over on fire, the one that has been uncovered definitely without John Wall next , and put his team to one (90-91, minute 42). There entered the meeting in the purest 'that you, that I', where Noah Vonleh refused to let escape a victory they had in their pockets. And that happened, that escaped them. A action by Thomas Bryant in a block and continuation in which he lifted the ball to put the tray in the basket hit an illegal stopper that the referees went to check and put the London pavilion on foot to see the final decision.

Un great brooch for a great night. The Wizards narrowly saved the competition and still allow themselves to think about the playoffs despite their loose season, even more so without counting their star among their ranks.

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