1x1 of Valencia: Ferran came to the rescue and Rodrigo did justice

The youth squad of Valencia scored his first goal in the First Division, with which Valencia managed to equal the initial goal of Araujo; Rodrigo resolved after a good assistance from Gameiro.

Nene: He made one of the best LaLiga stops. With dyes of miraculous by the proximity and power of the shot and the spectacularity of his jump. This occasion came after a blunder by Piccini and Coquelin. However the Brazilian was sold by Gabriel and Coquelin in the auction of Araujo, in the back corner to his pardon. In the second half, he avoided a second goal from Celta.

Piccini: He converted his own throw-in in a manifest opportunity of Celta. It was crazy. This blunder eclipses everything else he did, because as a result of it came a first stop by Neto and then the corner that ended in 1-0.

Garay: He played in his field, being the best black and white defender in Balaídos, and he joined the attack in each set piece action. Rubén Blanco deprived him of the goal in one of those actions. Forced the yellow to Brais Méndez.

Gabriel Paulista: Erró in the mark to Araujo in the 1-0. Lost the ball of sight and lacked forcefulness. The match against Villarreal will be lost due to the accumulation of cards. Very protestón throughout the match.

Gayà: Suyo was the center that ended in the goal of Ferran's draw. His commitment was again remarkable in Balaídos. Your desire, too. His comings and goings were one of the black and white weapons.

Carlos Soler: He did not have his best night. Irregular and without contributing imbalance by right band. He had one of the best chances of Valencia, a shot from the front cut Ruben Blanco. He was replaced by Ferran in 61.

Coquelin: He starred in the first shot on goal of the game. Powerful, distant, very focused. But he has not returned after the last injury with the spark he had. He is not so successful in his decisions nor precise in his interventions. It lacks physical.

Parejo: Again omnipresent in the center of the field. Participated in the beginning of the actions of the two goals of Valencia. He had a clear chance after a free-kick, as many other teammates found with the good work of Rubén Blanco.

Cheryshev: It is hard to find arguments to know why Ferran or Kang-in Lee are substitutes and there is nothing to suggest that he will continue as a starter when Guedes recovers. He did not star in a single internship per band. He was replaced by Gameiro.

Rodrigo: He had an unbalanced start from the center of the field to the vertex of the Ruben area, but he unbalanced by stages inside it. However, he was the author of the winning goal, although he had only to push Gameiro's perfect assistance, a goal that changes his face and the streak. He forced Jozabed to start the yellow one shortly after. It happened to play by band when Gameiro entered by Cheryshev.

Mina: He returned home and did it with confidence after his goals in Cup. He lacked speed to be able to define less forced in a one-on-one with Rubén Blanco. Already in the second half he met Rubén Blanco again, this time after a perfect header.

También played:

Ferran: He replaced Carlos soler in 61 '. In the first action he had he showed his impetus to recover the ball; in the second, he scored the equalizer goal. Ferran's first goal in Primera División. He scored it with quality, personality and precision. Saw yellow for a tactical foul to stop a Celtic counterattack. His performance, added to that of Tuesday in Copa del Rey, makes him a candidate to be a starter and not just a revulsive one.

Gameiro: Replaced Cheryshev in 62 '. He assisted Rodrigo in the final 1-2, a goal that needed as the air Valencia and also the French to be protagonist in positive. This time the changes of Marcellin were decisive for the black and white added the triumph.

Wass: Replaced Coquelin in 78 '. The Dane gave the consistency to the center of the field that the team needed at that stage.

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