Jon Rahm is a number one

At 23, the Basque has this week of his second chance to unseat the world leader, the experienced Dustin Johnson.

Jon Rahm is a number two with vocation number one. The world leadership is no stranger to him, he already occupied it for 60 weeks in the World Amateur Golf Ranking; that is to say, when he disputed the amateur circuit. There he announced some ways that were soon confirmed. His first victory in PGA was achieved in January 2017, in the Farmers of San Diego, seven months after moving to professionalism and in his first full season. Since then he has won four victories, two in Circuito Americano and two in Circuito Europeo. The last one in Career Builder, on January 21, already raised it as number two. And this week he faces his second chance to unseat the leader, the experienced Dustin Johnson. Rahm is only 23 years old, it is good to remember.

The probabilities of this week are remote, that is the truth, but it is already relevant that he is involved in the fight. The irruption of Basque in golf has been one of the most impressive in recent years, although it is best not to throw bells on the fly. This sport has its own idiosyncrasy, it is not as easy to repeat triumph as in other individual disciplines: tennis, athletics, badminton ... The case of Tiger Woods was an exceptional phenomenon. The current leader, Dustin Johnson, a consecrated player, has only won a major: el US Open 2016. Same as Sergio García, whose appearance had an impact similar to Rahm's, but until last year, in , the Masters of Augusta, could not conquer a big one, already with 37 years. Sergio was also world number two, by the way.

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