The routine works at Garbiñe Muguruza in Wimbledon

He has brought out his best game in a tournament whose peculiar conditions (living in a house with his team, kitchen ...) help him stay focused. Today (14:00, # 0) you can return to the final if you beat Rybarikova.

Garbiñe Muguruza has a good chance to return to the Wimbledon final two years later on Thursday (14:00, # 0) . In the semi-finals he faces for the fourth time (2-1 in favor) Magdalena Rybarikova, Slovakian 28 Years and number 87 of the world that in January was about to leave the tennis by an injury in the right knee. From one day to another he stopped feeling pain and decided to keep competing. He had never passed the first week in a Grand Slam and in his first seven visits to London he was eliminated in the first round. Now you cross the path of an improved Garbiñe thanks, in large part, to a routine that keeps it centered and in shape. The unique conditions of the great grass help you.

House in Wimbledon. Muguruza lives for the third year Consecutive in a house of four rooms near the match that shares with its physio, Alicia Cebrián, its physical trainer, Laurent Lafitte, and its head of press, Cecilia Casla. Conchita Martinez, eventual coach of Garbiñe in the absence of Sam Sumyk, occupies an apartment in the same complex and dinner almost every day with the group. The team completes Oliver van Lindock, his agent. "I love to go out, but at home I disconnected, I got away from the noise and I wasted no time," says the player.

Healthy Eating. The Hispanic-Venezuelan is taking good care of her food. For some time now she has lost weight and she looks more fibrous and muscular. At Wimbledon you usually eat in the players' restaurant and in the evening kitchen to relax. He likes to eat meat before parties (those steaks with potatoes, for example, that made the fire alarm skip), but he has also prepared fish, dishes with quinoa ... If the fatigue is great, the 'Muguruza team' asks Home delivery The last time they chose Lebanese. And a few days ago they dined at a restaurant in the area.

Recovery sessions. After training and on match days, Garbiñe passes through the hands of his physio in sessions of two and a half hours. With the trainer he trains with insistence on mobility and lateral displacements. At the end of 2016, Sumyk and Lafitte elaborated a plan for the tennis player to gain strength. He went through the operating room to clean calcifications that caused him ankles in the ankles and in the recovery he potentiated his upper train. Now the goal is to strengthen the legs.

Rutina and leisure. Garbiñe has breakfast, go to Aorangi Park to train for 60 minutes or an hour and a half; And if you do not have a party, after dinner you usually choose to watch a movie, preferably horror. She also listens to music (now with Miley Cyrus) .

Without the family. In tournaments, the family does not usually accompany the family unless she asks for it. When he reached the final in 2015 he was not.

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