Green: "I like to say there's nothing I can not do"

The 73-9 or the ring? "Always the championship", responds to AS Draymond Green. "When the Warriors stop improving, the rest of the teams will reach us."

Draymond Green (Saginaw, Michigan, 1990) is the reason for the riot in the new NBA office in Spain in the center of Madrid. Newcomer of London, the Best Defender of the last season attends AS exclusively in the first of the several acts that these days have programmed between Madrid and Barcelona. Afterwards, he will continue his vacation in our country.

He concluded his fifth season in the NBA. Had he come to imagine such a trajectory?

So far it has been an incredible journey in which I have accomplished extraordinary things in a very short time. But I want to be even bigger and become part of the Hall of Fame, so the work does not end here. I have to keep striving to achieve my goal: to win many championships. I always find the motivation to move on and improve.

Is there anything Draymond Green can not do on a basketball court?

(Think of the answer). I like to think that there is nothing I can not do. But there are other players who are able to do very spectacular things that, although I think I can do them, most certainly not. One of the best things that can happen to you in the NBA and that makes me proud is to be a complete player, to be able to do a little of everything.

Let's talk about your game. How important is 'trash talking' to you?

It's very important. It allows me to go ahead and make it more intense, something that I love. It also allows you to get into the opponent's head, which is extra help. For me the trash talking is vital. I grew up playing like that and it's my way of playing.

Some special moment to highlight?

Guardo many memories about the trash talking, all fantastic. One of my favorites this season was the one I played with Paul Pierce. It was very funny (smiles). I never take it too seriously, it's just about basketball. It's not a lack of respect, but if you get someone to join the rag is really good (smiles again) .

It is a very good person to talk about the changes that basketball has experienced since coming to the NBA. Are the Warriors the main culprits that this is?

I think we have had a considerable impact on the game, but we can not say that we are the main reason. The success that we have had has influenced, of course, but there are other teams with great players that have also evolved the game in recent times.

What does it mean for you to play in such a dominant team as Golden State

Be part of The Warriors mean a lot. It is a great organization in which the owners take care of us and the front office and technical staff do a great job to get us closer to the victory. We are partners who have fun while being together and training every day. It does not seem that we are working and that has to be appreciated. I really enjoy that environment.

How is it to work for Steve Kerr?

Playing for him is a very big thing. He is a true trainer of players. Usually people do not realize what he represents, but he personifies to perfection what it means to be a coach for the players. It's amazing.

What's more difficult: signing a season of 73 wins and 9 defeats or winning a ring?

Gain a championship (respond without thinking). I want to make it clear that achieving both is a really tough task. The 73-9 was almost impossible. You have to be 100% every night, everyone is waiting for you to win. Sometimes, some team manages to chain several titles in a row but nobody gets a 73-9 every year. That's it.

If I had to choose ...

Always, every day of the week, I will choose to win the championship. It is fantastic to win many games during the regular season, but in the end this is to conquer the ring. I have had the fortune to win two, something incredible.

Can you say that these Warriors are already one of the best teams of all time?

I do not like to enter this field. It is a question marked by subjectivity that depends on the opinion of each individual. Someone can say that a certain team is the best in history and not the Warriors, but we will never know because they never faced each other. Each great team lived in a certain time in which the game was different from the others. I do not think it's fair to compare them. Some were great in their time and weWe are in ours.

I am going to name several companions. The first one, Stephen Curry.

One of the best I've ever had. A special talent, but even more a special person. It is not selfish, it is special, special and special (repeats three times the same qualifier) ​​.

Klay Thompson.

Klay is also special. One of the best shooters we've seen. It is very quiet, but someone really fun. Hilarious. Another excellent companion.

Did they discuss with him the history of the toaster?

The truth is no (laughs). He told us that we could only do it if we got 16-0, but we did not (we finished the last playoffs with a 16-1 balance) .

Kevin Durant.

KD is one of those unique talents that we may not see again again. Like the rest, it has zero selfishness. That is the quality that best defines us, we all put the team ahead. For me it is a joy and a blessing to play with all of them.

Andre Iguodala.

According to starting from the bench and fulfilling the role of sixth man. Even so, it was MVP of the Finals (in 2015). He is very intelligent both on and off the court. He is a fantastic mentor to all of us. He also loves to joke.

Try back to the days prior to Kevin Durant's arrival. Did he really call him on the phone to convince him? How was that?

He talked to him and sent him messages every day. I just wanted him to be a part of this. We knew the quality leap that would give us if it joined. Before we knew his final decision, we would talk about it. A very stressful situation that was worth it. It's only been a year, but it's been a very special period.

What can we expect from the Warriors for the new season?

Simply we keep improving. We will try to win every game we can and get the championship.

What aspects can improve as a team?

In many. We can improve our execution, lose less balls, further advance our defense ... There is always scope for further improvement. When we stop, the rest of the teams will reach us.

It is said that Jordan Bell, the Warriors' choice this year in the draft (number 38), lacks height to play inside. You said the same thing about yourself. Is Bell the next Draymond?

I like Jordan. I have followed him in the Summer League and he is able to do many things. It is everywhere. You can master the game without scoring. In that aspect I am reflected in him, but I do not like to say that he will be the next Draymond Green because we both have different qualities. Although that yes, has the opportunity to be someone special.

In what we carry of market several franchises have been reinforced with the objective of competing against you. What does this tell you?

I like it. It's fantastic for the League. All these moves make the NBA much more fun. That of course.

Do you show any special moves?

I do not care what other teams do. I know what is happening, but I do not want to speak until I see how the different pieces fit together. I just want our team to get better.

I have to ask you about LeBron James ...

It's a great guy. Very intelligent as a person as a player. It's a lot of fun to play against him.

We can say he's already one of the best players in history?

Of course! Just compare your achievements with that of other great players. Appears at the top of each category. Yes, he's among the best ever. 44443344

In 2012, Golden State selected him at number 35. As a Michigan guy, did you ever see him play in the Pistons? (Detroit had the 39th pick in that draft.)

I had the feeling the Warriors would pick me. I did a great training with them. Nor can I forget that at that time Joe Dumars, who is like a father to me, was the general manager of the Pistons. Probably, if I had fallen to the 'pick' 39 they would have chosen me.

Mojo. Your best historical quintet?

As a basis, Stephen Curry. In the 'two', Klay Thompson. Eaves, Kevin Durant. As 'pivot-wing', a server and 'five', Zaza Pachulia. I'm going with mine.

You have completed four years of college training. Is this relevant?

It served me a lot. Those four years allowed me toIn the NBA from the moment I arrived. I was prepared. Today you see many young guys who are not yet qualified to contribute because they have many doubts and are not physically and mentally prepared.

Are you a videogame?

Not play too much. Sometimes I do it to the NBA 2K.

Any movie or series?

Powers is my favorite series. It's amazing!

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